iCognative scientifically identifies whether information is stored in the brain by precisely measuring brainwaves

iCognative is a powerful and proven forensic technology that can permanently change the way crimes are investigated, for law enforcement agencies it forever changes how suspects are convicted or freed. iCognative is an innovative science that many law enforcement and intelligence agencies are seeking to add to their arsenal of investigative tools. It is developed and marketed by Brainwave Science, a highly reputable global company founded by entrepreneurial visionaries, neuroscientists as well as technical experts can help solve evils of crime in which often the most vulnerable individuals are treated as commodities. The advantages to iCognative are that it offers higher accuracy than other techniques, is highly applicable, is non-invasive and supports human rights.

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iCognative by Brainwave Science provides an ultra-modern technology to distinguish between terrorists and innocents by identifying the information stored in a terrorist’s memory bank. This revolutionary and reliable technology can provide authorities with better intelligence used to determine when a future attack could be carried and expose links to the extremist group. Imagine being able to tell if a suspect has knowledge of terrorist activities without a lengthy and costly investigation. iCognative shows whether information is present in the brain with instantaneous and accurate results.

Border Security

In Border Security, immigration and customs, there are biomarkers such as fingerprints or retinal scans that can detect whether a particular individual is the same person as the person represented on his identification papers. What these biomarkers do not detect is whether or not this person is a threat to national security – a bomb- or IED maker, a trained terrorist, a terrorist financier, a member of a specific terrorist cell, and so on. iCognative helps protect countries by aiding in the prevention of criminals, terrorists and terrorists’ weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering a foreign nation.

Law Enforcement

iCognative is an innovative science that many law enforcement and intelligence agencies are seeking to add to their arsenal of investigative tools. The objective of law enforcement is to seek out the correct perpetrator and see that they are punished for the crime they have committed. Once a suspect is in custody, iCognative can accurately establish whether or not the suspect has knowledge of the crime. This saves time and money on investigations, while keeping dangerous criminals off of the streets.

National Security

With the use of iCognative technology, nations can detect concealed information stored within the brains of wanted criminals and terrorists. With national security spending at an all-time high, the focus has turned to emerging technologies. iCognative offers a unique and nearly flawless technology that nations can leverage to defend their people.

Human and Drug Trafficking

iCognative by Brainwave Science is designed to offer a powerful specific screening solution for the detection of concealed information of suspected individuals. With the aid of this innovative technology, intelligence agencies can gain valuable information, relevant for a multitude of security disciplines. iCognative can detect information within the brain of any suspect or person of interest in the areas of drug and human trafficking. This may include information regarding known associates, details of the crime or information about the victim.


iCognative provides a powerful specific screening solution for border agents, immigration officers, and customs officials. Created with performance and practicality in mind, iCognative can easily cross-verify an asylum seeker’s account and determine whether the person is concealing incriminating information that he/she denies knowing. Find out if a visitor to a country is reported to have ties to a terrorist cell, agents can effortlessly check for this knowledge using the iCognative. This protects borders and rids countries of unlawful criminals who try to slip their way into the country.

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