Brainwave Science and Raksha Shakti University support premier investigative agencies in India

In November 2015, Brainwave Science, LLC and Raksha Shakti University (RSU) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together in research, testing, support and training for patented Brain Fingerprinting Technology. Following this, RSU had set up a Brain Fingerprinting lab last year that would validate studies in counter terrorism and intelligence gathering. The experts at RSU conducted several Brain Fingerprinting tests in real life as well as mock case scenarios utilizing this technology as per the training conducted by expert team at Brainwave Science in November 2015. Some of the tests involved engagement with premier national investigation agencies in India including State Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and cold cases that had remain unsolved for over a decade. The results are in, and Brain Fingerprinting Technology has proven its mettle. It has played an instrumental role in all these investigations and provided missing clues in complicated cases.

“It comes as no surprise and is only expected that after years of research and development and dedicated effort of Brainwave Science team, specifically our Chief Technology Officer Dr. Maison who has completely revolutionized the technology side of application, that such results have come. This validates our faith in the science and proprietary algorithmic and technological changes that we have made to perfect this system driven technology. In every area of law enforcement whether it be counterterrorism, border security or counter intelligence, Brainwave Science team has broken new grounds and captured new heights with our team effort” said Krishna Ika President and CEO of Brainwave Science, LLC.

In India, leading media houses have taken a note and several articles have been published in leading news papers like Times of India, Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and DNA to name a few.

According to Times of India report,
“Director of RSU Vikas Sahay said the CBI was then able to probe the case further and consequently Amar was charged. This is not the only case where brain fingerprinting at RSU has been used. "We conduct this non-verbal interrogation method in nine cases, including on three suspects of the Bihar mid-day meal poisoning case, in which several children had died," added Sahay.

Whereas, leading daily The Indian Express said, “2005 missing woman case: Suspects taken to Gujarat for brain fingerprint. Officials said that the results of the brain fingerprinting test may not be admissible in the courts, but the technique helps investigating agencies find clues in complicated cases like this”.

A cold case under investigation and testing got attention from DNA India and says, “RSU to aid probe in decade-old case of missing Kochi woman- Key suspects will undergo brain finger printing test at the university.

Brain Fingerprinting detects whether certain specific information is known to a suspect with over 99% accuracy. Brain Fingerprinting Technology by Brainwave Science, a company headquartered in suburban Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is the sole provider of this technology in its latest advance form and merits its revolutionary scientific and forensic technology for these accomplishments.

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