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Product Application for Border Security

Border Security priorities have long been regarded as one of the highest challenges for national and global security. Combating transnational criminal organizations that traffic in drugs, weapons, and money, and that smuggle people across the borders has always been a test for law enforcement agencies in charge of securing nation’s borders.

As long as investigators know what they are looking for, Brain Fingerprinting can detect any kind of security-related knowledge, and in fact any kind of information stored in the brain. This can be used to identify individuals who are involved in crime or terrorism.

Brain Fingerprinting can help investigators crack down on criminal networks engaging in passport and visa fraud and human smuggling.

Protecting the nation’s borders—land, air, and sea—from the illegal entry of people, weapons, drugs, and contraband is vital to our homeland security, as well as economic prosperity of any country and Brain Fingerprinting can help secure and manage borders.

Our Case Scenarios highlight Brain Fingerprinting’s instrumental value in security today. Contact Brainwave Science today to learn about this innovative and indispensable border security technology.

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Brain Fingerprinting scientifically detects whether specific information is stored in the brain - or not - by measuring brainwaves.

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