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Product Application for Counter-Terrorism

Brain Fingerprinting harkens in a whole new era in security and Intelligence gathering.

It used to be easy to distinguish whom we were fighting by what they wore and where they were in the battlefield. Now, the battlefield can be anywhere– even cyberspace – and the terrorists blend in far too readily.

In today’s times, terrorists and their accomplices are very likely in full sight among us. So how to identify them? Brain Fingerprinting embraces one commonsense premise: even if there is no external evidence left behind, the brain is an infallible witness to the plotting of a crime. Put another way, the terrorist’s brain contains knowledge of organizations, training and plans that do not exist in an innocent person’s memory bank.

Brain fingerprinting test can detect:

  • Knowledge characteristic of bomb makers / IED experts
  • Knowledge of specific terrorist training
  • Knowledge of terrorist financing procedures, methods, and events
  • Knowledge of particular known terrorists
  • Familiarity with the inside workings of a specific terrorist cell
  • Knowledge of terrorist codes, procedures, and locations
  • Knowledge of biological weapons
  • Knowledge of nuclear weapons
  • Knowledge of known terrorists
  • Inside knowledge of organized crime organizations
  • Affiliation with known organized crime figures

Brain Fingerprinting may well be the breakthrough that Anti-Terrorism Investigators have hoped for, enabling them to determine who is involved with terrorist activity with a nearly infallible degree of accuracy.

Our Case Scenarios highlight Brain Fingerprinting’s instrumental value in security today. Contact Brainwave Science today to learn about this innovative and indispensable counter terrorism technology.

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Brain Fingerprinting scientifically detects whether specific information is stored in the brain - or not - by measuring brainwaves.

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