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Product Application for Human & Drug Trafficking

Trafficking criminals cannot hide when their brainwaves are willing to confess.

Rapidly identifying criminals, placing them into custody and reaching closure at the time of trial are urgent issues for law enforcement; citizens, business, government agencies and the legal community.

Human trafficking is one area where Brain Fingerprinting has a multitude of practical and useful applications, for both specific issue and specific screening tests.

Brain Fingerprinting is the answer

Virtually every country in the world is affected by trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labor. Human trafficking is a humanitarian crisis causing immense suffering.

Brain Fingerprinting can detect information regarding the specific people, places, and actions involved in sexual exploitation and forced labor. The technology can detect those directly involved and in large scale operations also the planners and the leaders of the criminal organizations involved.

Brain Fingerprinting specific issue tests can also be applied in human trafficking. An individual suspected of being involved in a human trafficking ring could be tested for recognition of a series of known victims, known associates, places involved, transportation methods, financial transactions, etc., even without detailed information being available about any one specific event.

The only prerequisite for applying Brain Fingerprinting is that the investigators know what information they are looking for.

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Brain Fingerprinting scientifically detects whether specific information is stored in the brain - or not - by measuring brainwaves.

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