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Product Application for National Security

What is the greatest challenge in global security? It’s not simply developing new ways to fight terrorism; rather, it’s quickly identifying who the terrorists really are. In today’s times, terrorists and their accomplices are very likely hiding in full sight among us. And they aim to keep it that way.

So how to identify them? Brain Fingerprinting embraces one commonsense premise: even if there is no external evidence left behind, the brain is an infallible witness to the plotting of a crime. Put another way, the terrorist’s brain contains knowledge of organizations, training and plans that do not exist in an innocent person’s memory bank.

Brain Fingerprinting provides investigators With a whole new state-of-the-art weapon to fight terrorism.

Measuring the brain’s response to stimuli has been proven to be over 99 percent accurate in detecting EOD/IED bomb knowledge, uncovering high intelligence value individuals, and establishing links between a suspect and known terrorist networks, places and events. Brain Fingerprinting has been proven to:

  • Aid in determining who has participated in terrorist’s acts, directly or indirectly.
  • Support investigators in identifying potential trained terrorists, even if they are in a “sleeper” cell and have not been active in years.
  • Help to pinpoint those who maintain a leadership role within a terrorist organization.
  • Improve security in areas like protecting classified information and evaluating immigrant visa applications.
  • Validate the possible links from database analysis techniques.

Brain Fingerprinting may well be the breakthrough that investigators have hoped for, enabling them to determine who is involved with terrorist activity with a nearly infallible degree of accuracy.

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Brain Fingerprinting scientifically detects whether specific information is stored in the brain - or not - by measuring brainwaves.

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