Chinese nationals smuggled across border in ultralight aircraft

December 20, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Chinese nationals smuggled across border in ultralight aircraftSITUATION

Border Patrol agents tracked an ultralight aircraft suspected of carrying two Chinese nationals that made a cross-border incursion from Mexico and landed in the remote area in the United States. The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel arrested two Chinese and one Mexican man in California on Tuesday.

Ultralight aircraft identical to a glider have historically been used by smugglers to illegally transports drug into the United States, but this incident shows transnational criminal organizations may use the same method for human trafficking.

CBP informed agents on the ground of an ultralight aircraft detected flying into U.S. airspace. The aircraft was operating without any lights. The agents tracked the aircraft which landed near Calipatria, California. However, they couldn’t seize the aircraft as it took off shortly after dropping off the two Chinese nationals.

During the operation, Border Patrol agents encountered two Chinese Nationals along with a Mexican National who was waiting in a get-away vehicle at the landing zone whom the agents suspected of human trafficking. The Mexican National was in possession of a Border Crossing Card which makes him a legal migrant. The agents believe the Chinese nationals were part of the human smuggling event.

Two days earlier, US Border Patrol agents arrested two people for allegedly flying $1.4 million worth of methamphetamine in an ultralight aircraft over the border. It’s not clear if the same ultralight aircraft was used in both incidents.

This isn’t the first time that a Chinese national attempted illegal crossing the US border. Ultralight aircraft might be an experiment. According to LA Times on Nov. 29, three Chinese nationals had been arrested entering California by boat from Mexico.


President Trump decision of installation of a “30-foot wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border may be pushing human and drug smugglers along with terrorists and spies to find new ways to infiltrate into the US from Mexico. Trafficking is a global phenomenon to which no country is immune.

United States is fighting on every front in order to protect national security, measures to stop the migrant caravan headed toward the US and slapping tariff on Chinese goods as a retaliation to China’s insatiable hunger for the Intellectual Theft which crafted a beginning of Trade war between the two biggest economies. It is true that China has opted various innovative methods to infiltrate into the United States- sending spies in form of migrants or business associate to acquire top secret information. The recent arrest of Huawei CFO  and Chinese spy caught stealing US Aviation Trade Secrets demonstrates the same interest of China.

President Trump declared the immigration crisis as National Emergency as he suggested terrorists and criminals would use this opportunity to enter the States. The arrest of Chinese nationals who were using ultralight aircraft and boats as mean to enter the States indicate that President Trump was right. These situations are becoming more difficult and might get even more harder even after “building wall” as these traffickers will find other ways to infiltrate into the States, but important question is how to stop them next time?

Border Security forces might be lucky this time where CBP detected an ultralight aircraft flying into U.S. airspace, but border security force personnel still can’t determine how many more traffickers are still illegally present in the United States and how will foreign threat would choose to enter in future? As law enforcement agencies don’t possess any such information or technology that can tap inside a human brain and accurately reveal the true identity and motive of a person without any necessity of background information or documents.


Chinese nationals’ case demonstrates exactly why Building the Wall isn’t the final solution for US and an immediate demand of an advance neuroscience based forensic technology that can reveal the identity and motive of the trafficker within an hour is necessary before it’s too late.  Trafficking has become a global threat where due to lack of Border Security, several countries have suffered in enormous forms as terrorists, criminals and spies always find ways to enter into the country and cause chaos.

It has been important for Border Security forces to gain valuable information about the trafficking and real motive in order to find the root of the problem but the existing conventional investigative like interrogations or polygraph which are opted by Border Security personnel in such critical situation to gain specific information do not guarantee accurate results and are time-taking. These outdated tools also fail to reveal what specific information is stored in the suspect’s brain, leaving them in the dilemma.

Brainwave Science has developed an advanced forensic technology called iCognative that can specifically address this problem of border security and provide scientific and legal means for law enforcement personnel to tap inside the human brain and reveal what specific crime related information the suspect possesses and trying to conceal with over 99% accuracy.

iCognative guarantees a high success rate and results as the technology is based on the scientifically proven and accepted P300 and P300-MERMER brain responses, which accurate determine whether a suspect’s brain possesses specific information or not by using a non-invasive proprietary headset to record and analyze brainwaves. A 45- minutes iCognative test when utilized by Border Security on the suspect would reveal the true identity and motive and further provide accurate intelligence to identify the other Chinese nationals, such as spies, terrorists or illegal immigrants, within the United States. All the investigative details related to human trafficking and Chinese espionage are uploaded into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brainwave responses when case related and confidential information (called Stimuli) is flashed to the suspect on a digital screen. With over 99% accuracy, iCognative technology determine whether the suspect possesses specific crime-related information or not.

iCognative is the only available technology provided by Brainwave Science that can support the US in such crucial time when foreign enemies are trying illegal way to enter the States. iCognative technology provides the key to eliminate trafficking irrespective of their creativity and an opportunity to find potentially dangerous people before it’s too late.

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