German authority arrests five ISIS recruiters

November 10, 2016 | Brainwave Science


German authority arrests five ISIS recruiters
November 10, 2016 | Brainwave Science


A major breakthrough in the arrest of five key ISIS recruiters operating in Germany was made on Tuesday as reported by CNN.

According to a statement released by Federal Prosecutor’s office in Karlsrushe, the men were arraigned for allegedly being involved in smuggling people out of Germany to join ISIS.

Among the men arrested included the ringleader of the multi-regional recruitment network, identified as 32 year old “Abu Walaa,” who has made open declarations on his involvement in ISIS, and was a speaker at many radically charged gatherings of Salafist and jihadists.

Others suspects included, 50 Year old Turkish citizen, identified as Hasan C., 36 with dual German and Serbian nationality known as Boban S., whose assignments were to teach Arabic and radicalized Islamic beliefs to those who dare to go to Syria.

Also two others identified as, Mahmoud O., a 27 year old German, and Ahmed F.Y a 26 year old Cameroonian organized the travel logistics to Syria.

Authorities believe that vulnerable young Muslims in the states lower of Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, were targeted and radicalized by the alleged five suspects.


Germany haven faced a string of terror attacks and attempts from October 2015 to July 2016, officials believe that the country is facing unprecedented threats as the growing number of radicalized cells waiting for orders from ISIS to strike become more imminent.

Recent concerns were reports on fleeing ISIS members from Mosul, Iraq are returning to Germany. It showed that 270 of the 820 extremist that left Germany for Syria and Iraq have returned. These extremist have also received paramilitary training and have been involved in active combat. “Even a small number of returning jihadist, could pose a serious threat”, EU security commissioner, Julian King.

German authority say it now has two sources of concern, threats already within Germany waiting for orders or persuasion to strike and infiltrating members using the migrant crisis as cover.


iCognative can be used as an investigative and intelligence gathering tool to help identify or apprehend suspected terrorists before they strike.

The technology can be deployed at border entry and immigration control points to help identify specific threats, terror links and corroborate intelligence data on identified suspects. The results of the technology analysis “information present or absent” can be shared with other related internal security apparatus like secret service and law enforcement to facilitate a decisive action on the suspect or not.

German authority will greatly benefit from high investigative clearance rate, reduced cost of investigation, deter future entry threats or attacks, and help to restore confidence in overall national security.