An innovative tool that saves lives by reducing the threat of terrorist activity and attacks.

What is the greatest challenge in global security?  It’s not simply developing new ways to fight terrorism; rather, it’s quickly identifying who the terrorists really are. In today’s times, terrorists and their accomplices are very likely hiding in full sight among us.  And they aim to keep it that way.

Now there’s an infallible witness to these crimes even when fingerprints or DNA are not available. Brain Fingerprinting empowers investigators to accurately measure if specific information is hidden within a suspect’s brain.

With the innovative Brain Fingerprinting technology, counterterrorism officials will be able to scientifically test suspected terrorists to indict or exonerate them based on the information stored within their brain.

Brain Fingerprinting can easily detect terrorist knowledge and threats—even being able to detect if a suspect has been in a sleeper cell. This can be accomplished by searching for knowledge of bomb and IED making and terrorist training.

In counter-terrorism, there is no comparable technology available that can help catch terrorists throughout the world. Brain Fingerprinting can identify active or inactive terrorists before and after any terrorist act happens. This innovative science aims to save lives and protect countries through its patented technology.

Our Case Scenarios highlight Brain Fingerprinting’s instrumental value in security today. Contact Brainwave Science today to learn about this innovative and indispensable counterterrorism technology.