3 cops injured in grenade attack in Jammu, Srinagar

May 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science



Three police personnel, including a station house officer (SHO), were injured in a grenade attack by suspected militants at a bus stand in Jammu on Thursday night. An officer at Jammu Bus Stand police station said that unidentified terrorists hurled a grenade from a flyover around 11:15 pm last night and escaped in a vehicle. Two of them have been hospitalized, while the SHO received minor injuries, Gupta said.

A similar attack took place at a camp of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Srinagar, however, no one was injured in it, police officials said. “There was a grenade attack in the bus stand area (by suspected militants). The grenade was thrown at a police vehicle,” Senior Superintendent of Police, Jammu, Vivek Gupta told news agency PTI.

The injured have been identified as selection grade constable Israr Shah, special police officer Arjun Kumar and Jagdev Raj of Billawar. They have been shifted to the Government Medical College and Hospital.




Terrorism is a problem affecting nations across the world. This threat is growing exponentially, affecting more and more people. This recent grenade attack is just an example of the terrorist attacks happening throughout the world on a constant basis.

Jammu grappled with intense shelling by Pakistan army from May 15 to May 23 has left a dozen dead and 56 injured in nine days. And, over one lakh people have been affected by the ceasefire violation.

The Director-General of the Border Security Force said on May 15th that a group of five suspected terrorists had probably infiltrated into the Hiranagar sector on May 13th through a trans-border tunnel and that the BSF will find and neutralize them soon.

The current investigative tools at law enforcement’s disposal, such as the DNA or polygraph test, are not efficient enough and can’t keep up with the news ways terrorist perpetrate their plans.

So how can law enforcement agents make more efficient their strategy to better fight against the terrorist threat and uncover more in this grenade attack case?




In the terrorist environment that is today’s world, iCognative by Brainwave Science is the ultimate investigative tool. The power of iCognative technology lies in its ability to distinguish accurately between terrorists and criminals, even before they strike, by ascertaining the record of terrorist crimes and organizational attack plans as well as other details recorded in their brains.

The applicability of iCognative extends to Law Enforcement, Border Security, Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and more. The main advantage of this technology is that it can easily determine what the suspect knows, based on a simple test and a series of stimuli connected to the case. The test can be conducted by the investigative agent in charge, on any suspect of relevance and interest to the case. In order to conduct a test on a subject, the test case needs to be built with information about the case, used as stimuli. This information is confidential, known only to the investigative agent and of relevance to the perpetrator. Let’s consider what information we have from the media: date of the grenade attack – Thursday night at 11:15 pm; the location – a bus stand in Jammu; the weapon used – a grenade hurled from a flyover; the victims – 2 police officers and a station house officer. The investigative officer can also use information regarding the previous similar attacks in the area, to check for a connection. This information, used as stimuli in the form of picture or words, depending on its availability, will be displayed for the suspect on a computer screen, one after another.

Then, the system collects brain responses to each stimulus and all these brain responses are analyzed at end of the test by analysis engine and determine with 99.9% accuracy if the information is present or absent in the brain of the suspect. iCognative relies on detecting a distinct change in electrical activity when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli. iCognative can shed light on this grenade attack case and help authorities make huge advancement in solving the case.  Further application of the system can help differentiate between the ranks in terrorist organizations, uncover their funding operations, the modus operandi of a terrorist network and thereby help disseminate the root cause of all problems. This is the quality that makes iCognative virtually unique. iCognative by Brainwave Science has the capacity and the capability to save innocents and help Indian Army capture all terrorists who disrupt the peace in Kashmir.



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