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7 armed ISIS terrorists killed by Israel at Golan Heights

August 3, 2018 | Brainwave Science


On Thursday August 2, 2018, Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) determined that a group of militants were trying to breach the fence dividing Israel from Syrian controlled territory in the Golan Heights and attacked them. An Israeli aircraft “struck those seven suspects, and today in searches that have been completed on the ground by Israeli troops we found seven bodies in that location, we found five AK-47 assault rifles, we found explosive vests as well as what appears to be grenades,” Conricus said.

A Syrian offensive in the country’s south has resulted in IS-affiliated groups scattering in the area, Conricus said. Israeli forces monitored the militants’ movements before carrying out the strike, he said.

He said Israeli forces believed they were “on a terrorist mission” and “trying to infiltrate into Israel.” “It did not seem as if they were fleeing, seeking refuge,” Conricus said. “It seems as if they were moving in a combat formation, with combat equipment.”


Is it possible to prevent terrorist attacks in advance?  All countries all over the world agree that terrorism is one of the most serious threats for peace, security and stability, as well as the realization of human rights and socio-economic development. The connection of terrorism with any particular race, nationality or religion is rejected. Intelligence agencies should take effective measures to prevent and combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as a serious crime that has no justification whatsoever, regardless of its motives or origins.

Terrorists cannot act in isolation. They inevitably maintain contacts with colleagues and like-minded people. Tracking such contacts with the help of special equipment allows to understand the schemes of actions, to scout the plans of terrorists, and to detect and neutralize them. It is necessary to record all movements and actions of members of terrorist organizations. Close attention to analysis of information about terrorists helps to achieve success in the fight against them.


While Israel has sought to remain out of direct involvement in Syria’s civil war, but it admits carrying out dozens of air strikes there to stop what it says are deliveries of advanced weaponry to its Lebanese enemy Hezbollah. Israel must like any other sovereign nation be able to defend its borders and ensure security of its citizens from terrorists. iCognative by Brainwave Science is a state of the art security solution suited for all nations, including Israel. This highly reputable company founded by entrepreneurial visionaries, and neuroscience and technical experts aims to aid nations in their efforts to protect their citizens.

Counterterrorism authorities can utilize Brainwave Science’s iCognative solution to determine if an individual’s memory contains specific knowledge of any fact or situation, such as the details of a crime scene, bomb-making knowledge, or the inner workings of a terrorist organization. When those activities, or items associated with those activities, are recognized by the individual after months or even years later, the brain emits the involuntary response known as a P300/P300 MERMER. It is a powerful solution to help justify cause for further investigation on leads where evidence is unavailable.

Brainwave Science iCognative can be used to test any suspect, witness or person of interest involved or relevant to a terrorist crime or action. Let’s take, for example, an individual or group of suspects from Syria. In the current case of attack by IDF on ISIS terrorists, Israel’s Defense Forces can use iCognative technology to conduct tests on current suspects that they have in their captivity to find our details of plans that ISIS terrorists might have. It is not unknown that Islamic Jihadist’s are looking for opportunities to attack Israel. Investigators can use information collected by intelligence along with other details such as routes planned to enter Israel, members of groups actively targeting Israel, technology used by ISIS to secretly communicate etc. along with other unknown facts can be used

After the test, the system analyses collected brain’s response to each stimulus and determines with over 99% accuracy if the information is present in the suspect’s brain or not. This technology is incomparable to any other existing security solution.

With the information obtained from the iCognative test, Israeli agencies can very well move towards solution to such targeted infiltration attempts to disturb peace and cause harm to Israeli people. Targeting real suspects and perpetrators can save casualties in the process.

With iCognative, Israel’s law enforcement will be able one step ahead of terrorists and the knowledge that they are using such advanced technology in their fight against terrorism might very well be a deterrent for all those planning to join ISIS and harm humanity.


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