Africa – Next safe haven for fleeing Middle East terrorists

January 6, 2017 | Brainwave Science

Africa – Next safe haven for fleeing Middle East terrorists
January 6, 2017 | Brainwave Science

In the recently concluded 10th session of the African Centre for Research and Study on Terrorism held in Algeria, December 14, 2016, the AU Peace and Security Commissioner Smail Chergui warned that “2,000 to 2,500 Isis terrorist were regrouping with a view to relocating the troubled regions in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes”.

In Northern Nigeria, Boko Haram is still very active. Tunisan borders worry about defeated terrorists from the Sirte, Libya. According to Mr. Chergui, some Isis elements are of African origin, hence the vulnerability of the continent. “They are already present in Yemen and Somalia”.

Other counties affected are Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic, the outbreak of terrorism in Africa has raised serious concerns and call to action.

As the last strong hold of ISIS is being taken down in Mosul- Iraq and Raqqa-Syria, not are the highlighted African countries terrorist hotspots, there are even more concerns that due to the presence it would further impoverish the region and make it a fertile ground for radicalizing and recruiting youths in the community. Similar concerns appear in Europe and South East Asia.

The role of technology in terrorism was also discussed. According to the Algerian Religious Affairs Minister Mohamed Aissa, “ICT was the easiest and the most readily available tool for Isis recruitment and spreading propaganda.”
As reported by The Daily Nation, Mr Chergui said, “Our priority is to be able to gather information and intelligence about them, share with our partners, then develop concrete regional and international cooperation to curb the imminent danger,” he advised.

The threats of terrorism to African governments is growing. In order to counter terrorism, the use of technology such as new surveillance, forensic and intelligence tools are required in modern day warfare.

iCognative technology is the most sophisticated investigative and intelligence gathering tool that can be used on returning Isis fighters or high level suspects to validate level of knowledge or skill set acquired in the jihadi training camps. Intelligence gathering overtime can be input into the system to help in link analysis of network operatives or knowledge of bomb making, IEDS.

The technology does not require the suspect to tell the truth or not. It detects whether the information is “present” or “absent.” Results can be shared with security counterparts across the African continent in order to prevent any safe haven for fleeing terrorists.