Top Afghan commander Abdul Raziq assassinated by a bodyguard after meeting with US General

October 22, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Top Afghan commander Abdul Raziq assassinated by a bodyguard after meeting with US General


General Abdul Raziq, one of Afghanistan’s most powerful security officials, has been killed in an audacious gun attack claimed by the Taliban, leaving a power vacuum in the crucial province ahead of Saturday’s elections in Afghanistan.

Abdul Raziq and local intelligence chief, Abdul Momin, were killed when a member of the provincial governor’s elite guards opened fire on his colleagues and American troops who were leaving a high-level security meeting at the Kandahar palace. According to sources, the commander of the Nato mission to Afghanistan, US General Scott Miller, was also present with General Raziq and Abdul Momin at the scene but he is unscathed. The provincial governor and three others were injured during the incident.

Colonel Knut Peters, a spokesman for US-led Nato, described the attack as an Afghan-on-Afghan incident and won’t influence the US military’s movement in Afghanistan.  He said General Miller is safe and unharmed, however, three coalition personnel were wounded including a US service member, American civilian and a contractor.

The Taliban claimed the responsibility of the attack and identified the attacker as Abu Dujana, who was dead during the crossfire. They claimed their prime targets were Abdul Raziq, a brutal police chief, and US General Scott Miller. Abdul Raziq was accused of human right abuses such as torturing, extrajudicial killings, and enforced disappearance. However, US commanders considered him one of the fiercest opponents against the encroaching Taliban and as a symbol of the anti-Taliban struggle. He had previously survived nearly 20 attempts on his life. The attack is recognized as a significant victory for the Taliban and a major blow to the Afghan and US counter-insurgency campaign.


According to the BBC study, US-led forces spent billions of dollars trying to overthrow one-of-the-deadliest terrorist group, still, Taliban fighters are presently operating in 70% of Afghanistan.  The US-led operation was terminated in 2014, but over 8,000 US special forces remained in the country to provide training and assistance to Afghan troop. In this month only, the Taliban group has carried out seven terrorist attacks, with over 55 deaths and hundreds injured.

This assassination is one of the biggest blows for Afghanistan occurred in the past 17 years as the entire leadership collapsed just before the parliamentary election. In the absence of strong leadership, the Taliban could try to increase their territorial control in the region. They have already threatened the voters not to take part in the election and with the death of Gen Raziq and other leaders, the voter might accept the order. After the attack, Afghan officials warned the government that terrorist attack is imminent of the day of the election.

A senior Security official told Reuters,” General Raziq’s death will have a huge impact on security and the parliamentary election as a lot of voters may not feel safe to go to vote.”


Taliban’s planned attack wiped out the top intelligence officials at a stroke. This serious attack shattered the confidence of the government as security forces prepared for guarding more than 5000 polling centers in the parliamentary elections is terrified. With the passing days, the Taliban is gaining strength and before they achieve absolute authority, law enforcement needs to take advantage of an upgraded modern forensic technology that is safe, non-invasive and impeccably accurate in providing intelligence and leads that no other existing investigative tool could offer within an hour.  Before terrorist strike again or remain undetected between innocents, the one-of-a-kind iCognative technology developed by renowned company Brainwave Science provides the most fruitful, accurate and permanent solution to crush terrorism in Afghanistan. No matter how smart, powerful or strong the terrorist is, they can never beat iCognative as the technology relies on the source of all action- the human brain.

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Deployment of iCognative technology by law enforcement agencies in such a critical situation is imperious to regain the confidence and strength.  This technology guarantees success without applying much manpower, time or money and to enhance security it provides the key to dismantle the Taliban and other domestic or foreign terrorist organizations in the country. Keeping Brainwave Science’s iCognative as top weaponry to fight terrorism, the terrorist organization like the Taliban would be crushed with months rather than decades.

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