Jordanian Counterterrorism Chief – retd. Maj. Gen. Habis al-Hanini, Assassinated.

October 24, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Jordanian Counterterrorism Chief – retd. Maj. Gen. Habis al-Hanini, Assassinated.


The former chief of counterterrorism, Major General Habis Al-Hanini was shot by an anonymous person just outside his home in Madaba, a city near Amman. Retired Maj.-Gen. Habis al-Hanini, as indicated by reports, was a key figure in the struggle against extremist groups. Police formed a special investigative team from the Directorate of Public Security and General Intelligence Department (GID) to find the suspects. A suspect had been detained and local websites said he had planned “for a while to kill Major General Al-Hanini because he believed he was behind his arrest in Russia.”

Habis Al-Hanini, also known as Abu Haytham, died from the three gunshot wounds to the chest and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Al-Nadim hospital, Doctor Ibrahim Owais told the media. A senior Jordanian intelligence officer and a former senior CIA officer confirmed Hanini’s death and said: “Al-Hanini’s death was a tragic loss to Jordon and the counterterrorism community around the world.” Al-Hanini played a vital role in confronting terrorism and extremism in Jordan, which has been a key ally of the US in the war on Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. A former CIA analyst, a colleague of Al-Hanini said he was an extremely smart intelligence officer and really understood the underpinning of why individuals join an extremist group.

The Spokesperson of the Jordanian public security directorate said the assassinator had fled the scene successfully, which drove the security and intelligence forces to form an investigative team to follow up on the case. He further informed that during the interrogation, the suspect confessed to planning the murder over a period of time because he believed Al-Hanini was behind his arrest in Russia in 2005 and caused him trouble at his work. The Jordan Times claimed the suspect was “a man said to be a follower of Salafist Takfiri ideology.” Takfiri ideology refers to Sunni jihadists, such as ISIS members.


The United States has no closer Arab counterterrorism partner than the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Military and intelligence relations between the two countries date back to the 1950s. With the rise of terrorist groups like ISIS since 2014, Jordan has become a key member in anti-terrorism coalition and US-Jordan bilateral security cooperation has entered a new and even deeper phase of cooperation. ISIS and other extremist groups have carried out several attacks in Jordan in recent years.  ISIS continues to call followers and sympathizers to launch terrorist attacks in Jordan and specifically targeting the security forces as a retaliation. In June 2016, terrorists attacked a GID post in the Baqa’a refugee camp. In next month they again attack with an improvised explosive that killed a Jordanian policeman in Fuheis.

King Abdullah said, “Jordan would strike mercilessly and forcefully against those who sought to harm the country. Our goal is always to break the back of terrorism and we will not depart from this goal despite the sacrifices.”

In response to the attack, a counter-terrorism unit that Al-Hanini played a key role in strengthening, assaulted a building controlled by the terrorists in Salt, engaging in a gun battle that left three extremists dead and four members of the security forces. Al Hanini contribution to counterterrorism before and after his retirement is considered symbolic. He was the key to Jordan being one of America ‘s closest anti-terrorism allies. According to some reports, Al Hanini provided the Americans with the intelligence that helped eliminate Abu-Zarqawi. If the killing of Al-Hanini turns out to be a terrorist attack, it will be the most high-profile killing in recent decades.


Violent extremism is increasingly a major threat to global security. No region, country or community can claim to be entirely immune to this escalating threat. Jordan, which has been on the frontline in combating terrorism, has long experience in dealing with terrorist attacks and under Al-Hanini guidance, security forces have succeeded in thwarting major terrorist plots. According to Major General Fayez Dweiri, the biggest challenge for security force is a revision to the security situation and an increase in monitoring of lone wolf cells. Along with that prosecution of the assassinator and his co-conspirators and complete the life work of Al-Hanini’s- terrorism free Jordan is necessary.

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