Czech: Police detained two Iraqi linked to German railway terror attack

March 29, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Czech: Police detained two Iraqi linked to German railway terror attack: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

Czech police have detained two Iraqi terror suspects, a father-of-five and a woman, wanted by Austria over their role in 2018 attacks on trains in Germany. Austrian authority believes the pair are associates of an Iraqi citizen arrested in Austria on Monday on suspicion of carrying out attacks on the German railway last year. Czech Police confirmed the arrest on Twitter and said only the court would decide on any extradition to Austria.

Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl said in parliament that two suspects “formed a cell together with the Iraqi.”

On the other end of the rope, according to Austrian prosecutors, police in Vienna had arrested a wanted 42-year-old Iraqi and his wife on suspicion of involvement in two foiled attacks on Germany’s national railway. The 42-year-old Iraqi admitted committing attacks in October and December aimed at derailing trains by damaging or tampering with steel cables. However, in his confession he denied having a terrorist motive.

Vienna Police suspected the act as a terror intended because officials found Arabic writings near the crime scene and a flag of the so-called Islamic State.

Czech Police said, “Based on an EU warrant issued through… Vienna.. Czech police detained two foreigners shortly after their arrival at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague.”

Austrian and German authorities worked together leading to Monday’s arrest. Since the arrest, European authorities believe they have busted a suspected Islamic terror cell in central Europe.


Lately, ISIS calls for more attacks in Europe as the caliphate falls in Syria and Iraq. Since the news, several ISIS sympathizers have been active around the Europe and agreed to carry out an Islamist, terrorist attack using a vehicle and guns that would kill as many ‘non-believers’ as possible. They would carry all these attacks out as the vengeance of New Zealand attack in which a right-wing suspect is alleged to have killed 50 worshipers at two Christchurch mosques.

Germany and other EU countries are on alert following the ISIS calls and several jihadist attacks in recent years. German and Austrian authorities believe that with the recent arrest for the attack carried out last year, they have busted a suspected Islamic terror cell in central Europe. However, it is understood that several more Islamic State soldiers and sympathizers need to be identified and arrested before such a claiming as the arrested suspects are merely foot-soldiers.

Vienna authorities said the arrested pair were radicalized and praised several Islamist terror attacks on social media, including the 2016 truck attack in Nice, France, that killed 86 people. ISIS’s reach extends far beyond Iraq and Syria and they cannot be eradicated through military means alone. Unless you believe that we can win over terrorism through bullets and bombs. Honestly, you would agree that we have tried bullets and yet waits for the precise end. What the counter-terrorism agencies need is the perfect opportunity to strike a deadly blow. Thousands of radicalized militants responsible for terror attack have been arrested every year by different counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence agencies around the globe. However, ISIS ideology still inspires radical across the Europe and globe. We need to accept that counter-terrorism agencies lack the proper ammunition to eradicate Islamic State and other terrorist organizations.

Another challenge faced by counter-terrorism agencies in regard to terrorism is the delay to identify the terrorist from innocents due to lack of intelligence and evidence. Delay in prosecution or identification of these terrorists or supporters only leads to a horrible outcome. As in this case, Czech court would decide on any extradition to Austria and for this they need accurate evidence and intelligence to make a swift decision. It is true that Islamic State presence is all over the Europe through sleeper cell or sympathizers. An important question is if the Iraqi suspects do possess information about Germany train attack, are associates of an Iraqi citizen arrested in Austria and linked to Islamic State then how Czech could reveal such information and use it to reverse-engineer and eradicate terrorism within the country?


Europe faces a persistent threat from Islamist terrorism. It has exploded with the rise of the Islamic States in Iraq and Syria. According to the Europol Director, the current situation is “the highest terrorist threat we have faced for over 10 years.” German, Austria and other European countries are facing crisis over migration from impoverished and/or and ISIS is known to have targeted such routes for infiltration.

For decades, counter-terrorism agencies have relied on conventional ways to fight terrorism which are obsolete, do not provide accurate results or information and do not reveal what specific crime-related information is stored in a terrorist’s brain. Arresting foot-soldiers or radicalized youth isn’t the solution to uproot terrorism in Europe. European counter-terrorism agencies must opt for advanced and innovative investigative, intelligence-gathering and specific-screening tools which can help them identify those with terrorist training, exposure to radical propaganda, sensitive information about terror events, member of sleeper cells and identification of masterminds or key member with perfect accuracy. Developed in close conjunction and at the guidance of experts in the field of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, national security experts from the US, iCognative is one-of-a-kind technology that understand challenges encountered by counter-terrorism personnel in such cases and strives to make their lives easier by determining the terrorist from innocent and what information they possess and/or trying to conceal with almost 100% accuracy.

iCognative is a truly disruptive technology introduced by Brainwave Science which plays a vital role in the identification of terrorist before and after a terror attack and further reveals what specific crime-related information terrorists or sympathizers possess, necessary for counter-terrorism personnel to reverse-engineer and eliminates terrorism within few months. All these results provided by iCognative with an hour are perfectly accurate without any slightest hope of error, human intervention or torture.

European law enforcement agencies including German, Austria and Czech counter-terrorism agencies should utilize iCognative technology in such cases where determining the terrorist from innocents is challenging due to lack of evidence and intelligence. This technology is so powerful that within a few hours, it would reveal the identity of other unknown accomplice involved in an attack and linked to the terror group. iCognative goal is not only to identify and arrest the terrorist but also make sure that no innocent had to face through interrogation due to conflicting intelligence. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once a 45-minutes iCognative test is conducted by Czech counter-terrorism personnel on arrested Iraqi pair. Information such as: linked to arrested Iraqi terrorist in Vienna, involvement in Germany train attacks, identification of handler and mastermind, details of future attacks, location of other accomplices if any, details of terrorist financing methods, etc., would be easily available to Czech counter-terrorism personnel to reverse engineer the whole terrorist network, disrupt financing methods, identify the location of future attacks, arrests handlers and masterminds and eliminate Islamic States or any other terrorist organization from Czech or European soil before they could plan to harm any other ‘non-believer’.

A case officer or an investigation team member uploads all the investigative details of this case and previous terror attack case into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brain responses when case related, and confidential information is flashed to the suspects on a digital screen in the form of pictures, phrases or words and determine with over 99% accuracy what information he possesses and/or trying to conceal from the investigation. iCognative assures that no perpetrator can cheat or hide any crime-related information or remained unpunished for his crime and also that no innocent  suffers injustice due to lack of evidence and intelligence.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the most advanced and desperately need weaponry for counter-terrorism agencies around the globe to boost their investigative, maximize their effort to eliminate terrorism without the fear of failure or lengthy time process. No other security solution existing in the market can meet the superior performance, ease of implementation, and cost-effectiveness of iCognative.

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