FARC Ceasefire & Resettlement: Securing Intelligence

September 2, 2016 | Brainwave Science

FARC Ceasefire & Resettlement: Securing Intelligence
September 2, 2016 | Brainwave Science

For over 50 years of armed conflict and 4 years of negotiations, an epic deal has put an end the longest running war in recent history. The Colombian Government and leftist guerilla group, FARC, have reached a final peace agreement. The bilateral ceasefire began Monday, 29th August 2016 and a “Yes” or “No” referendum for the reintegration and settlement program is due to be held on the 2nd of October 2016. Since the ensuing conflict, well over 220, 000 have lost their lives, families displaced and witnessing the wanton destruction of the communities.
While this welcome development is seen as a monumental step towards lasting peace and stability, it is only the first step. The absence of war does not mean peace but a careful balance between interim security risks and long term implication and challenges that may arise and how to mitigate or manage those likely events.
The long term conflict sparked by geo-economic/political grievances had not only endured for over 50 years but had been intertwined with human and illicit drug trafficking, involving not just FARC, but also other insurgent, paramilitary and criminal groups as well.
Questions and concerns in communities have arisen, like how can the FARC be trusted after life in the jungle, what if it is a disguise, how will they reintegrate into civility, what if in the end they are not satisfied or government does not keep its end of the deal through the process?
How is the re-integration program going to affect ex-guerrillas whose program may be cut or military personnel that may leave the armed forces after serving government for years due to increased pressure on dwindling resources?
How inclusive and robust is this reintegration and resettlement program? Would any party feel disenfranchised from this deal that could lead to breakdown of the process? What were the results or findings of the geo socio economic impact and risk assessment as it relates to short and long term stability and security of the region? What type of data was used to make impact assessment and it is acceptable by parties involved?
The only way to almost guaranteed success of the program is securing intelligence. This process involves gathering probes, targets and irrelevant qualitative and quantitative data and analyzing the data in object manner to have a better idea or understanding of a situation and sustained geo-socio-political-economic ecosystem. This practical analogy sounds very much like the design concept of our very own iCognative technology. A novel technology that helps to put crime related and case specific events or unforeseen circumstances into perspective.
iCognative technology, can reveal knowledge or possible intent of an action of an individual by analyzing event specific evidence or patterns that provides holistic view of an event or plot. Hidden hues or cues during an investigation can be missed. Sometimes being able to tap into suspects mind or in this case the decommissioned rebels and officers can be quite a daunting task. However, it is necessary to as much as possible know the why rather than the how.
The iCognative technology works by analyzing specific brain responses to photos images, texts or phases in a non-invasive manner, as probes, targets or irrelevant data. It helps to expose otherwise individual concealed information which maybe the missing piece of an unsolved crime.
Is iCognative a magic pill to solving the concerns and possible breakdown of the ceasefire process, perhaps no, but it offers an invaluable usability and applicability to help hunker down on high level suspects and avert possible future attacks.
The use of iCognative technology will not only be useful for the FARC resettlement and reintegration program but most certainly beyond the scope as an integral part of the security initiatives to help combat violent crimes and injustices to humanity. Understanding the why helps to sustain ecosystems and through this device secure intelligence for good. To learn more go to www.brainwavescience.com.