Fleeing ISIS Mosul fighters…Europe problem

October 21, 2016 | Brainwave Science

Fleeing ISIS Mosul fighters…Europe problem
October 21, 2016 | Brainwave Science

As the last strong hold of ISIS is being taken down by the US-led coalition in the city of Mosul- Iraq, experts say it fears that fleeing militants may return to home to continue their ideological battle. European Security officials expressed the serious threat and concerns being that home for them are largely European countries that they left to join ISIS in the Middle East, according Homeland Security Wire excerpts.
A good number of these militants coming from Iraq and Syria, about one fifth of ISIS fighters- about 3,700 people are citizens of Western Europe with 1200 from France alone. Experts claim that about 4,000 to 8,000 militants are currently in ISIS ranks inside Mosul.
Turkey also shares in this immediate concerns. “When (ISIS) militants are ousted from Mosul, where will they go? Not to France not to Germany, but to Turkey, which is closer, and that is a threat for us,” Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus.
Other concerns, are the animosity and anger of the Sunni majority towns where in the past Shi’a militants were assisting the Iraqi army who are largely Shi’a to fight ISIS. The Sunni’s feel they were not of primary concern and bitter about the US-led coalition with Europe not taking into consideration the long standing battle between Shi’a and Sunni’s who are now being used as human shield in the fight.
The big problem for Europe is, how do they ascertain the ranks of return ISIS fighters and the aggrieved Sunni’s from Iraq that come in or are already resident in Europe? How can they know the techniques and skill level they have acquired overtime? Do these return ISIS fighters already organized plans to attack Europe? “Even a small number of returning jihadist, could pose a serious threat”, EU security commissioner, Julian King.
iCognative technology can be used on return ISIS fighters and high level suspects to validate their ranks and level of knowledge or skill set acquired in the jihadist training camps. Intelligence gathering overtime can be input into the system to verify command order or knowledge of bomb making, IEDS, booby traps or information technology.
Event specific information is extracted within 30 -45 mins of testing in a non-invasive and non-intrusive manner to obtain valuable information about a suspect’s intent or confirm involvement in hostile territory, attacks, training or command responsibility. The technology does not require the suspect to tell the truth or not. It detects whether the information is “present” or “absent.”
iCognative is the most advanced investigative and intelligence gathering tool that can be used at European Borders and Counter terrorist agencies to help identify level involvement and network of these return ISIS operatives in a humane and non-invasive matter. The cross verification of data can now be used by law enforcement and intelligence community to help bring assurance to EU security.