French Intelligence had no dossier on Nice Attacker – Do we have to live with terrorism?

June 20, 2016 | Brainwave Science

French Intelligence had no dossier on Nice Attacker – Do we have to live with terrorism?
July 20, 2016 | Brainwave Science

Thursday 16th, July 2016, Bastille Day massacre left 84 people dead and 202 injured. At least 10 of the dead were children or adolescence, out enjoying awesome fireworks that ended up crushed and killed.
The attacker identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was reported to have carried out the carnage using a rented refrigerated truck as a battering ram, which was totally unsuspecting despite tight security, French officials acknowledged
Although militant extremist groups like Islamic State and Al Qaeda did not claim responsibility, they welcomed the massacre. It was the third terrorist assault in 19 months to strike France, which has been singled out by militant extremist terrorist groups.
According to Paris prosecutor François Molins, through investigations, Bouhlel, 31, other than some petty crime and theft going back to 2010, in March a 6 month suspended sentence for assaulting a driver in an altercation in January; he had been “completely unknown by intelligence services.”
Bouhlel, native of Tunisia, “He has never been in any database or been flagged for radicalization,” François Molins. Other news sources reported neighbor claims of Bouhlel, was “never mean to anyone” but had some behavioral oddity. CNN
In a quick response, police gave chase, shot and killed the assailant. He was found dead as the 19 ton truck came to a halt. A hand gun and ammunition and replica assault rifle and replica hand gun, cell phone and some documents were later found in the vehicle.
“We will not give in to the terrorist threat,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Friday morning after a cabinet meeting led by President François Hollande. But Mr. Valls also offered a grim observation for his countrymen: “The times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism.”
BUT do we have to live with terrorism? What does this mean for impact of globalization and border security, immigration, national security and home grown terrorism and hate crimes?
Georges Fenech, a center-right lawmaker who presided over the parliamentary inquiry, said on Twitter early Friday that the attack was a “predictable tragedy.”
As investigative officers are unable to piece together behavioral trends and associations since his investigation, intelligence gathering begs for alternative solutions. Acquiring critical data in a timely, safe and in a non-invasive manner is key to understanding or piecing together very quickly complex plots, potential hate crime or terrorist activities, behavioral issues or vindication of alleged suspects. This is where iCognative becomes the most valuable intelligence gathering tool.
iCognative is a highly advanced technology apparatus that offers an objective and knowledge-based means of identification. By analyzing specific brain responses called the P300 and P300 MERMER, the solution safely and non-invasively verifies whether the information contained in the person’s account is present in his/her brain. Inversely, the system can detect the information a suspect would deny knowing terrorist affiliations and probe behavioral façades.
The capability to detect whether specific information is stored in a person’s brain is unparalleled—no other security solution in the world offers a powerful specific screening solution that is able to efficiently answer to the crisis of terrorism globally. Investigation and background checks are exorbitantly time-consuming, interrogation is most often unreliable, and biometric identification cannot reveal what information the person is harboring.
Investigators now are faced with ever more growing number of lone wolves, therefore access for investigative purposes becomes increasingly difficult. This is a problem with especially high profile suspects. Law enforcement agents need an alternative source of intelligence gathering to collect and analyze critical information. This information could disrupt or foil a terrorist attack or hate crimes before it develops, making it extremely harder for future plots. iCognative is an advanced means of getting intelligence, eliminating number of suspects, highly accurate tool to corroborate/ cross verify assumptions and leads.