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Germany’s domestic intelligence chief expresses concern on “brainwashed” children of Islamist fighters

February 5, 2018 | Brainwave Science



In a recent interview given to Reuters, Germany’s domestic intelligence chief showed worry regarding children of Islamist fighters who can come back to the country with terrorist intents, as “sleeper agents”.

Heiko-Georg Maassen, President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, declared that security officials were preparing for the return of possibly “brainwashed” children. So far, 1,000 people are believed to have left Germany in order to join the Islamist militants.

As the Islamist militants are weakening in the Middle East, a part of them is returning, bringing with them more family members. It is believed that of all the children who were born and Syria and Iraq or left Germany, only 290 returned. The others are believed to be moving in other areas, where the Islamic State still has power.

“We see that children who grew up with Islamic State were brainwashed in the schools and the kindergartens of the IS,” said the domestic intelligence chief. “They were confronted early with the IS ideology … learned to fight and were in some cases forced to participate in the abuse of prisoners, or even the killing of prisoners.” “We have to consider that these children could be living time bombs,” completed Heiko Maassen. “There is a danger that these children come back brainwashed with a mission to carry out attacks.”

The head of domestic intelligence put out his first warning on this topic in October 2017, fearing that such children might pose a threat after being indoctrinated in battlefield areas. The radicalization of minors has been a big topic in Germany given that three of five Islamist attacks in Germany in 2016 were carried out by minors. In addition to this, the Islamic State continued to target vulnerable young people in Germany through social media channels, trying to recruit them.

The German government said it has evidence that more than 960 people left Germany for Iraq and Syria through November 2017 to fight for the Islamic State jihadist group. About a third of them are believed to have returned to Germany.




Germany’s intelligence is now confronted with a possible terrorist threat coming from the children of Islamist fighters. As terrorist networks expand and change at a considerable rate, more and more security measures are in order. Current intelligence problems are not only organizationally more complex and transnational but are constantly evolving.

Highly motivated double agents and foreign enemies are often undeterred despite increased surveillance, intensive screening processes, and communication interceptions. In this case, this makes no exception. At the increasing rate of Islamist children following on a terrorist path, law enforcement needs to find more efficient and accurate ways of obtaining valuable information.

Technological answers today are deficient; thus, they fall short to deal with the magnitude and potential severity of the threat. Breaking the cycle of innovation and countermeasures between terrorism and counterterrorism calls for unprecedented innovation with which terrorists cannot compete. Moreover, the current situation in Germany asks for a highly efficient method of gaining information and identifying which children are threats and which are innocents.

It is extremely hard to know when an attack will be carried out. Terrorists find new ways of refining their methods and adapting in a very short time to strike again. Law enforcement agents are challenged every day to find more efficient ways of neutralizing hostile threats. With this in mind, security officials need a new security solution that will aid in their counterterrorism efforts.




iCognative provides an objective, scientific technology to distinguish between terrorists and innocents by detecting the information stored in a terrorist’s brain. Developed by Brainwave Science to help in a multitude of security disciplines, iCognative brings law enforcement support in their efforts of keeping a nation safe.

iCognative is a valuable tool for collecting valuable intelligence, through a 45 minutes test with a 99% accuracy rate. It is based on a brain involuntary response called P300 that can reveal if the information is conceived in the suspect’s brain.

The goal of iCognative utilization is to save lives of innocent children who fall prey to such brutal forces like ISIS who sacrifice innocent kids to further their ideology of terrorism. iCognative can play pivotal role in detection of radicalized minors and help law enforcement reach the real culprits or ‘headhunters’ who recruit children.  Once such suspects are identified and apprehended iCognative test can be instrumental in bringing down the whole network of terrorists cooperating with ISIS and their leadership.

With the continuous threat posed by the Islamist terrorists for Islamist or German youth, a time efficient solution is a must.  iCognative can open up a new web of leads to be investigated, giving authorities the opportunity to act in time and detect criminal acts and intentions before being carried out. Moreover, by detecting which young people are in relation with the Islamist fighters, the authorities can get involved in trying to offer them a new path to walk on.

With its remarkable ability to quickly and accurately identify missing links, iCognative effectively leverages intelligence collection to an unprecedented level.




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