BJP leader Anil Parihar his brother shot dead in Jammu and Kashmir in act of terrorism

November 4, 2018 | Brainwave Science

BJP leader Anil Parihar his brother shot dead in Jammu and Kashmir in act of terrorism: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

Bharatiya Janta Party’s (BJP) Jammu and Kashmir secretary, Anil Parihar and his brother Ajit were shot dead at point-blank range by suspected militants in Kishtwar town of Jammu region. The incident triggered massive protests, prompting authorities to impose an indefinite curfew in the area as a precautionary measure. The reason for the killing is not known yet. State BJP general secretary Ashok Kaul has claimed that the two were shot dead by the terrorists.

According to Police official, “The brothers, after closing their shop, were returning home when the assailants opened fire. They were pronounced dead at the local hospital.” The police believe the assailants apparently kept a close watch on the brothers. Surprisingly, this the third attack on the political person comes days ahead of the local election in the state.

Anil Parihar was already on a terror hit-list, had been provided personal security officers (PSOs). According to source, at the time of attack, PSOs were not accompanying him. Senior Superintendent of Police, Rajinder Gupta said, “A hunt has been launched to nab the assailants. We are investigating who are behind the killings.” A joint team of Army and Special Operations Group has launched a massive search operation in the area. Inspector general of Jammu and Kashmir police Dr SDS Jamwal said they were are probing all angles in the case, including militancy. “The BJP leader was a protected person and was given two (personal security officers (PSOs). How they were not with him last evening? Were they sent home on leave by the BJP leader? We are investigating all these aspects,” Jamwal said.

Militants have in the past attempted to create communal tension in the region by targeting Hindu community, especially in higher reaches. The killings of Parihar brothers drew severe condemnation from all quarters. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed shock and pain over the killings, saying the police will leave no stone unturned to bring perpetrators of the crime to justice.


Despite a vigorous anti-infiltration and anti-militancy network set up by the Indian Army, the Central Reserve Police Force, Border Security Force and the Jammu and Kashmir police, radicalization and militancy among youths are on the rise leading to several terrorist attacks. According to Union Home Ministry reports, most of the terror attacks in India has the involvement of Pakistan. PAK based terror organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) have been active from across the border and have been involved in major attacks around the country specially in Jammu and Kashmir.

Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Dilbag Singh, earlier stated that law enforcement agencies in Jammu and Kashmir has been fighting militancy for the decades now and he believes they are on the verge of eradicating militancy in the state. Recent attack on Parihar brother states that the goal for eradicating militancy is far too longer. One speculation has been that the killings were in part motivated by militants who see democratic elections as threat to terrorism. BJP had recently emerged as a clear winner in the Jammu Municipal Corporation elections held in October with 43 seats in the 75-member body. Peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir has been a challenge with onslaught of terrorist attacks and militancy that try to overwhelm law enforcement as well as Indian army all the time.


It comes as a shock that a leader of a prominent political party along with his brother is killed in his own state by militants. Especially surprising is the fact that he had been on the target list of terrorists and was provided private security officers by the government still they managed to carry out this fatal attack.  In situations where law enforcement agencies are already over-exhausted handling daily violence, killings, terrorist attacks, curfews with limited resources to combat such lapses happen in security. Intelligence related to the movement of militants, their plans of attacks, their targets, their supporters and their finance operations details can change the power equation for law enforcement. A technology that is an enhancer, a facilitator and accelerator for human law enforcement performance is iCognative technology. In cases of such deadly attacks, the first few days of investigation are very crucial, and it is during this time that the application of powerful and infallible technology can make all the difference between change and more of the same.

To change the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, the police force, as well as the Army and Special Operations group, must turn to iCognative technology developed and provided only by Brainwave Science.  Over 99% accurate, applicable in virtually all cases and portable iCognative technology is the one sure shot solution that delivers when all other methods fail.  The test is simple it is non-invasive and supports human rights, all one needs is to just have any person related to the investigation sit and observe the words, phrases or pictures flashed on the monitor in front of them while they wear a headset and the system records brainwaves. There are no question and answers because the answers come from the brain. In the current case scenario given that identity of attackers and their group is unknown but further intelligence collection can be done by use of iCognative. Details such as location at which victims were shot, any arguments or animosity with any specific people, CCTV footages available, type and caliber of gun used to shoot at the victims, similarities with other attacks on political leader recently attacked, pictures of terrorist organizations key operatives such as Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), etc., including any other specific data that is available all can be used to collect all details from brains of any person/s of interest, suspects as well as witnesses. Within an hour of testing per person the test will provide definitive and conclusive results regarding the presence or absence of information in the brain of the person subjected to the test.

In order to understand the motives behind attacks during election period and against political parties is essential to law enforcement. Once the motives and plans of terrorists are uncovered it is easier to disrupt them before they execute their plans. iCognative by Brainwave Science can play a pivotal role in the establishment of peace and democratic rule for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and for the Indian law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies.

Article News Source: Hindustan Times

Picture Source: Hindustan Times