Crocodile Cells – ISIS planning fresh UK and Europe attacks

April 29, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Crocodile cells

Crocodile Cells – ISIS planning fresh UK and Europe attacksSITUATION

Crocodile Cells consist of sleeper agents hiding in plain sight. The ISIS is plotting a new wave of terrorist attacks across the UK by using such crocodile cells in western Europe. This warning from an expert has come at a time when ISIS has recently been defeated in its home turf in Syria.

It comes amid revelations that Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed, the ringleader of Sri Lanka’s Easter massacre was ‘mentored’ by a group of notorious British ISIS fighters, including the killer known as Jihadi John, when traveling to Syria to prepare for the attacks. The Sri-Lankan attack resulted in the deaths of more than 250 churchgoers on Easter Sunday. Abdul was studying at Kingston University, London between 2006 and 2007 where he heard a speech encouraging Jihad by a Hate Preacher who had links to the death of Private Lee Rigby.

On Friday, MI5 was investigating whether Abdul had his first taste of extremism while studying at Kingston University. He enrolled on an aerospace engineering degree at the Asian Aviation Centre in Sri Lanka, in which students spend their third and final year at Kingston University. Mohammed is thought to have been radicalized in Melbourne, after Kingston University. It is thought he formed links there with local jihadis who would go on to Syria to join IS. He is believed to have botched his attempt to detonate his bomb at a five-star hotel and is thought to have blown himself up by accident at a much smaller guest house on Easter Sunday.

MI5 is urging churches and mosques in Britain to have counter-terrorism training amid concerns of more Islamic terror attacks and revenge plots instigated by far-right groups. Charlie Winter, of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College London, said “Now that ISIS has been defeated in Syria and Iraq, it will become more violent outside this area.  It’s a grim outlook, but we are likely to see more attempts at attacks, more regularly, for the foreseeable future. “Sri Lanka was not a one-off. If anything, it was a test run.”


Crocodile Cells are the emerging face of terror formations. It is hard to detect a young person who is a part of society but harbors violent extremist ideas and motivations. The forensic instruments and tools in use today are not capable to predict terror attacks/other crimes. It seems like a losing battle between common looking persons is living amongst us, who may kill unexpectedly. Weapons are plentiful too, for a simple truck or even a commercial airliner can be used as a weapon. On the other hand, our investigating agencies deal with complex intelligence gathering and unreliable methods to catch up with the terrorists.

Immigration agencies often interrogate and screen incoming passengers as ‘innocent’ or ‘suspicious’. This process is a massive inconvenience to innocent persons who mistake it as ‘discrimination’ or ‘profiling’.

There must be a way with which border control and immigration agencies can non-invasively and objectively screen suspicious persons in a time-bound manner. This will greatly reduce the suffering and torture which is needed. Moreover, language incompatibility must be addressed because a lot is lost in translation which might lead to misunderstandings.

The European Migrant Crisis of 2015 onwards, has brought in asylum seekers and economic migrants from Syria, Kosovo, etc. Along with them many terrorist sympathizers also entered Europe. There 5 million asylum seekers already spread out across Europe, out of which quarter of a million is in the UK.

How can all suspicious persons be quickly screened, find out bombs waiting to explode? The aim is to not just to weed out members of crocodile cells, but identify the whole network including hate preachers, recruiters, suppliers, managers, the money trail, etc.

There is an urgent need for a technology which can detect if a human is aware of highly specific information or not. Such technology will be at the forefront of every investigation and interrogation and can make forensic work much easier and trustworthy.

Since ISIS-inspired lone-wolves are expected everywhere in the world, there is a need for real-time collaboration among the world’s intelligence agencies so that counter-terrorism intelligence is up-to-date and reliable and globally relevant.


“Never before in history have terrorists had such easy access to the minds and eyeballs of millions,” declared one journalistic account of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine and proficient use of Twitter, Facebook, bots, and other modern means of getting its message out, says Daniel Byman, a foreign policy expert at The Lawfare Institute.  Brainwave Science is a company based near Boston, Massachusetts has introduced a technology which can do that and much more. This company has embarked on a mission to provide cutting edge tools to the law enforcement and investigation departments. iCognative promises to revolutionize the forensic world. iCognative is a technology enables investigation and interrogation to be carried out in a radically new manner. The suspect’s brain is a warehouse of all information and experiences which that person possesses. iCognative can confidently detect the presence of specific information in a suspects brain without the need for torture or subjectivity.

It can detect the presence of crime-related information to help solve crimes. It can also, detect the presence of certain ideologies in order to effectively warn about future crimes and attacks. iCognative by Brainwave Science can reduce the workload of the investigating agencies while increasing the crime clearance rate.  The cost of interrogation using iCognative drops significantly lower than conventional interrogation. Popular techniques like DNA and fingerprinting are limited in their applicability. DNA and Fingerprints are recovered in only 1-2% of the cases. Moreover, lie detector tests are not foolproof.  iCognative test, on the other hand, is applicable to 85-90% of all civil and criminal cases. Unlike others, iCognative has no known countermeasures. It does not report false positives or false negatives. It has an accuracy of 99.9% in detecting EOD/IED bomb knowledge, uncovering high intelligence value individuals, and establishing links between a suspect and known terrorist networks, places and events.

iCognative can be used to effectively determine the level of involvement in terrorist activity, help identify potential threats, even those who are members of sleeper cells or those who have been inactive for years, help verify hierarchal and leadership structure within terrorist organizations, detect potential threats within asylum applicants and refugee camps,  and validate the possible links from database analysis techniques and methodologies.

Counter Terrorism investigators can quickly deploy and start using iCognative. Brainwave Science has experts from around the world to help develop iCognative and help train the departments to make maximum use of the system.

iCognative uncovers concealed information by measuring brain waves. The test subject is made to wear a headset and exposed to stimuli containing information gathered from the investigation of the crime. The stimuli can be images, words, and phrases related to the crime. iCognative analyses the brain’s response to the stimulus and identifies whether the incriminating information is ‘present’ or ‘absent’ in the brain.

In this case, the suspicious persons could be made to undergo the iCognative test by the Border Security agencies, Immigration departments, etc. The stimuli can be IED/Bomb training manuals which a typical terrorist is usually exposed to, propaganda material used to radicalize them, CCTV footage of these people at major checkpoints and throughout their existence in Europe/UK, cell phone records, and other details, etc.

iCognative is an umbrella tool applicable to a wide range of departments, like cyber-crime, counter-terrorism, border security, immigration, national security, human and drug-trafficking, and law enforcement.

Every investigative agency across the world must have iCognative in their toolkit for solving a crime and gathering unparalleled intelligent from the very source of all thought. It is only a matter of time before it will become the standard way to conduct a reliable and fair investigation.

iCognative is coveted as a tool which is non-invasive, involves no torture, is easy to teach and learn, is highly portable and customizable in terms of language and function.

The Counter-Terror agencies, Immigration, and Border Security agencies across Europe and the UK must use iCognative, provided only by Brainwave Science in their hunt for crocodile cells.

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