FBI says Army veteran planned to bomb at Long Beach rally

April 30, 2019 | Brainwave Science

FBI says Army veteran

FBI says Army veteran planned to bomb at Long Beach rallySITUATION

A U.S. Army veteran, Mark Steven Domingo, has been arrested on Friday after he planned to bomb a pair of rallies in Long Beach and Huntington Beach over the weekend as an act of revenge. He is said to have been raging over the deadly attack on Muslim worshipers in New Zealand in March. FBI agents were watching as the 26-year-old allegedly plotted, online and in person, with others he thought were co-conspirators.

Domingo was arrested Friday after receiving what he thought was a bomb, but which was an inert device supplied to him by an undercover law enforcement officer. Domingo’s “rapid” radicalization over the course of just about a month has surprised the law enforcement community.

Domingo planned in March and April to manufacture and use a weapon of mass destruction in order to commit mass murder. He purchased nails to be used as shrapnel bomb. He gave the nails to a person he believed was a collaborator, but who was the FBI agent.

FBI agents initially were alerted to Domingo after he made a series of online posts and had a series of discussions with an informant describing “his support for violent jihad and his aspiration to conduct an attack in the Los Angeles area.”

Domingo wrote about ‘retribution’ online in March following the shooting at a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque that killed 50 people. Domingo considered a variety of targets — including police officers, churches and a military facility — but ultimately planned to set off an explosive device during what was anticipated to be a white nationalist rally at Bluff Park in Long Beach on Sunday.

Domingo also contemplated attacking Jewish shoppers at a mall. He also talked to his aides, who were undercover officers about various firearms which he was considering using in the attack. He showed signs of supporting suicide attacks and knew that he will get caught. Domingo converted to Islam in late 2018 or early 2019.

Domingo is to be held in prison while he awaits trial, as he is a significant risk to the public. At an afternoon news conference, federal officials said Domingo had no known co-conspirators, and there is no lingering threat to the public from the plot.


There are multiple departments involved in this case, Long Beach Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the FBI. Also, there are many such persons who harbor anti-establishment ideas. It took only about a month for Domingo to get radicalized. There are several such persons ready and waiting to get radicalized, across the globe. This is a serious threat and must be tackled immediately. Is it possible to detect such thoughts in the mind of persons without using force or even words? Is it possible to tap into the minds of suspects and find out if specific information is present or not? Such a capability can make investigations more focused, objective and manageable. Furthermore, there is the possibility of elimination of coercion and torture from the investigative process altogether.

Systematic intelligence gathering from arrested suspects can not only help the case but also help build a data warehouse of information which if analyzed can unearth links between persons, organizations, and incidents.

Modern Science must help to advance forensic technology which is in use today. The FBI has to plant many undercover officers to extract information.

Suspects are walking almanacs of the crimes which they have committed and the ones they planned. Their brains hold crucial information such as the planned dates of attacks, the locations, the weapons to be used, where they have been procured from, co-conspirators, past crimes, gang bosses, ideas and images in propaganda material, the identity of the hate preachers, etc.

The investigative agencies around the world lack an effective tool to read this relevant information lying with the suspect.

Can the scientific community come up with a solution which can potentially save the world from violent extremism by aiding intelligence gathering agencies with the right information obtained without delay or torture?


The scientific community has indeed come up with a solution which can indicate the level of a person’s involvement in crimes and terrorism. It can also find out the level to which a person has been radicalized. This new forensic tool is called iCognative. It has been developed by Brainwave Science, based in Massachusetts, US.

The iCognative technology can indicate if the person has been ever exposed to a particular idea/ experience by testing for the recollection of specific words, phrases or images. This knowledge can be extremely useful for law enforcement, counter-terrorism, border security. Such a tool is useful also to law enforcement officials, immigration and anti-trafficking agencies. By distinguishing an innocent from a guilty, the agencies can gain the upper hand in the fight against terror groups and other criminals.

A simple iCognative test takes around 45-minutes per individual.  There is no verbal exchange between the test administrator. A proprietary wireless headset and a laptop computer are used to flash images, words, and phrases to the testee. His or her brain response is different depending on whether there is a recollection of that idea or not. This response is recorded and analyzed by the iCognative system and reported with 99+% accuracy.

iCognative is highly reliable and has no-countermeasures. It does not report any false positives or false negatives. This is the revolution in intelligence gathering which the counter-terrorism agencies have been looking for. There is no torture involved and the testee is relaxed. iCognative has vast applications and is applicable in more than 85% of all criminal and civil cases.

The Long Beach Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the FBI must use iCognative by Brainwave Science as their intelligence gathering tool in their fight against the lone wolves and member of the latest fad in terrorism- Crocodile Cells.

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FBI says Army veteran FBI says Army veteran