Russia’s FSB attacked, terrorist identified as 17-year-old suicide bomber

October 31, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Russia’s FSB attacked, terrorist identified as 17-year-old suicide bomber


Russian investigators claimed that they have launched a probe into suspected terrorism after the blast in Russian northern city Arkhangelsk. According to authorities, the explosion took place in a Federal Security Service (FSB) on Wednesday’s morning (nearly 9.00AM). As a result of this blast, one person was killed. Moreover, police confirmed about several injured people.

Investigative Committee of Russia claimed on October 31st that the suspected bomber of the FSB office in Arkhangelsk was a local teenager. The representative of the Investigative Committee aid ‘According to preliminary data, a 17-year-old local resident, who brought a handmade explosive device to the building, was killed in the incident,’. Also, he added that 3 of FSB officers were injured during the explosion.

According to statements of authorities, investigators are now working on finding out friends and acquaintances of the suspect. They suspect there was more terrorist than one suspected teenager.


According to The Global Terrorism Index, terrorism index in Russia decreased to 5.33 in 2017 from 5.43 in 2015. Terrorism Index in Russia averaged 6.52 from 2002 until 2016, reaching an all-time high of 7.21 in 2004 and a record low of 5.33 in 2017. But last year Russia suffers from terrorist attacks more often than earlier. During October 2018 it is the second blast identifying as a terrorist attack (including terrorist attack in the annexed Crimea that took lives of 21 people).

The country is facing today with a serious problem that brings a fear and destabilization in people lives. Identifying of terrorist and preventing attacks is one of the main tasks for authorities today. But according to the political and economic situation, to fight with criminals is getting harder and harder with the use of only old methods. That is why counterterrorism forces of the country need to upgrade their instrument and tools for more effective and fast ‘war’ against terrorism.


The war against terrorism is the most dangerous and complicated task for every country today. Every year thousands of people lose their lives because of the attacks of terrorists. This situation can be changed with the use of extremely accurate and reliable technology – iCognative.

Offered only by Brainwave Science, iCognative is a modern ‘panacea’ for identifying criminals. The well-known P300/P300 MERMER science stands behind the technology, providing extremely accurate results. iCognative is a specific test that can be conducted in every particular case on every suspect in less than 1 hour. Powerful and proven iCognative technology can help to find out who is a criminal and who is innocent.

In the case of the attack in Arkhangelsk, iCognative can help to find more about perpetrators. The test can be conducted on every suspect to determine his/her involvement and the level of involvement to the blast. Crime-related information collected during investigation along with specific information that can be known only to terrorists, will be used as the stimuli (date and time of the blast; type of the bomb; photos of the partners in crime etc.),The input to the system can be in the form of words, phrases, pictures, and software can be translated into any language as needed. Easy to use and easy to learn, cost-effective iCognative technology can help Russian FSB find out all who are related to this blast within days.  At the end of the testing, iCognative will determine with more than 99% accuracy whose brain from suspects contains this information and who the real perpetrators are.

This revolutionary technology was invented to become the greatest instrument in the arsenal of investigation tools. Investigators all over the world can use it because the system is easy in learning and friendly in use. Only with the use of iCognative, the problem with terrorist attacks can be handled. This neuroscience-based technology has immense power to stop terrorists and put them behind the bars.

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