ISIS calls for more attacks in Europe as the Caliphate falls in Syria and Iraq

March 25, 2019 | Brainwave Science

ISIS calls for more attacks in Europe as the Caliphate falls in Syria and Iraq: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

US-backed Kurdish forces say they have liberated the last enclave held by “Islamic State” militants in eastern Syria. The US-backed Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) said they took a camp in Baghouz in March 2019, where “Islamic State” (ISIS) militants had been besieged for months, bringing them close to capturing the last remaining IS territory. ISIS is plotting attacks in Europe as its “caliphate” collapses, according to a trove of the jihadists’ documents obtained by The Sunday Times. Although western-backed forces declared victory over the last Isis stronghold in Syria yesterday, the chilling documents reveal that in defeat the Islamists plan to wreak devastation after their territorial self-declared caliphate is lost.

The files show ISIS plans new attacks in Europe, supporting Isis members already there. It has also planted sleeper cells across parts of Syria where it was thought to have been defeated and has formed assassination squads to target its enemies.  Documents on a hard drive, which was dropped by ISIS jihadis killed in a desert battle, detail proposals for a “Bureau of Foreign Relations for the Department of Operations in Europe” to organize, arm and fund atrocities.

In a letter passed to The Sunday Times, a senior militant calling himself Abu Taher al-Tajiki told local ISIS leaders he was in contact with “individuals who want to work in areas far away from the Islamic State”. According to the information obtained by the media organizations the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is scheduled for meetings with others and an audio message from the group’s spokesman was released on propaganda channels urging supporters around the world to launch massacres in revenge for the New Zealand shooting that left 50 Muslims dead. Please see more details of the case here.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have vowed to fight sleeper cells, following several bombings targeting their fighters and international troops from the US-led coalition. Similarly, Germany’s foreign minister warned the world not to celebrate too soon.



“After five years of fighting, we stand here to declare the physical defeat of ISIS.” So reads the latest press release from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on March 23, 2019. As per Jeremy Hunt of The Times, ’ We should welcome the blow struck against one of the most depraved terrorist movements in history, guilty of imposing unspeakable suffering on countless people in the Middle East.’ “As they are driven underground, they are adopting insurgency tactics and forming covert networks,” Jeremy Hunt wrote in The Sunday Times.

It is naïve to presume that the Islamic State (ISIS) can be eradicated through military means alone. Its reach extends far beyond Iraq and Syria. It has radicalized militants all across the globe, and there’s a larger battlefield online, where the group continues to push its brand of extremism and seek new recruits. ISIS is not dead as an ideology that inspires radicals across the globe and supports sleeper cells and lone wolves who target Europe. ISIS has caused more troubles to humanity and the regions of the Middle East than any other terrorist group, the great migration crisis that began with the war in Syria and Iraq has left nobody unaffected. Hundreds of Europeans have left their homes to join ISIS’s call and now the European Governments are struggling to take those radicals back. Please click here for more details. The new fronts of war against humanity are already established by this monstrous terrorist organization. Lina Rafaat, the deputy research director with the Chicago Project on Security and Threats at the University of Chicago, in her work analyzing ISIS videos, she has observed a narrative shift over the past year: it has increasingly focused on its international branches, especially in Somalia, Nigeria, and Afghanistan. Its propaganda now emphasizes a narrative of resilience, encouraging its adherents to migrate to Somalia to join the fight, insisting that the “caliphate” is everywhere. See the recent rise of a terrorism case in West Africa.

It is very clear that there has been progress made in defeating the Islamic State, they have lost physical territory, but they continue to spread their hateful ideology and is still “very much still pumping out propaganda”. Its militants will continue to agitate in Syria and Iraq. How to handle these challenges that seem to be pervasive not only in Iraq and Syria but still exists and plans to attack Europe as one of the most dangerous terror groups in the world?


Rome has been mentioned several times by the leaders of the Islamic State. In July 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released an audiotape telling followers “you will conquer Rome and own the world if Allah wills. This self-aggrandizing claim made by their leader on the run now looks ridiculous in the last days of ISIS, as the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces zoned in on the last slice of territory held by the militants in eastern Syria. In order to make sure that the group does not only lose physical territory but to ensure that ISIS never comes back to the same region. In order to ensure humanitarian and stabilization needs of the region, the global effort must focus on the establishment of the rule of law in the region. Counter-terrorism agencies in the region. The Syrian Defence Forces must be provided with the required training and technology to ensure that the region can return to normalcy. iCognative technology introduced by Brainwave Science is one such technology that can play a vital role in the identification of the members of sleeper cells across the region and in Europe by its specific screening application. iCognative addresses the fundamental problem faced by counterterrorism and law enforcement agencies faced virtually daily. Counter-terrorism agencies often feel challenged in identifying these culprits without offending the vast number of peace-loving people who adhere to specific religious beliefs.

iCognative is an important breakthrough in identifying active and inactive terrorists. It’s based on a virtually infallible science: when the brain recognizes certain information – words, phrases or pictures displayed for a nano-second on a computer screen — it triggers an involuntary and specific electrical brainwave signal, which can be measured and analyzed.

The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and the European countries must give a shot to iCognative technology as an answer for the prevention of terrorism. iCognative has been proven to be over 99% accurate in detecting EOD/IED bomb knowledge, high intelligence value individuals, and links between a suspect and known terrorists, places and events. And, since brainwave responses are involuntary, there is no way to manipulate it or fool it. iCognative is truly the right scientific tool for today’s challenging times. Criminals and terrorists cannot hide when their brainwaves reveal their plans as well as the leadership structure of cells they are working with. iCognative has the power to not only identify who is among many is a terrorist with a blip of a brainwave, but also detects specific types of training and thereby helps rip to shreds a whole terrorist network like the Islamic State.

An extraordinary wealth of intelligence collected through iCognative technology can markedly transform how counter-terrorism cases and leads are pursued. Counterterrorism investigators are trained to find, analyze, and record the specific details of terrorist crimes, particularly those details that are unique to each specific crime. These are those items that can most effectively be used in the iCognative test to detect evidence of a suspect’s participation stored in his brain.

European looking to defeat ISIS and their nefarious plans to unleash chaos must use unconventional means in this asymmetrical warfare. iCognative test can aid in determining if the suspect has directly or indirectly participated in terrorist acts, pinpoint those who maintain a mastermind role within a terrorist cell, validate links from database analysis techniques and support investigators in identifying potential perpetrators, even if they are in a “sleeper” cell.  In short, iCognative can be a major game-changer in the war against terror.

The world today is in desperate need of a non-intrusive, affordable and efficient technology with nearly perfect accuracy ratings to combat challenges faced by terrorist organizations like ISIS. With iCognative by Brainwave Science, that technology has finally arrived.

Source: The Independent

Image: The Times