Islamic militant’s deadly resurgence threatens Nigeria elections

February 12, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Just before the country’s upcoming national elections, Nigerian government acknowledges there has been a resurgence of violence by Islamic extremists in the country’s troubled northeast region. Several questions have emerged such as how the election can be held in such chaos?

The National Assembly has approved a record $147 million for election security but some polling workers in conflicted areas have rejected their posts in fear of being attacked by extremists. The new face of Boko Haram called the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), the IS group’s largest presence outside the Middle East, is behind near-daily attacks on Nigerian region since 2015. Nigerians who-long-awaited the elections are questioning whether they should vote for Buhari as he seeks a second term.Islamic

President Muhammadu Buhari, who is seeking a second term, falsely claimed the insurgency had been crushed during his speeches and reports. Thousands of victims encouraged by the military’s offensive against Boko Harm- the country’s homegrown Islamic extremist rebels- and President’s claim fled their displacement camps to return to their permanent homes to witness a more terrifying situation.

The decade-old extremist insurgency-killed more than 27,000 abducting hundreds of girls, displacing millions- is far from over. Irrespective of recent claims, Boko Haram (now ISWAP) frequently roared back, striking military bases, resupplying and causing a rare government admission of dozens of soldier deaths. According to officials, extremists are using modern equipment like drones indicating links with ISIS fighters fleeing collapsing strongholds in Syria and Iraq.Islamic

Lai Mohammed, Information Minister, stated that “ISIS now has a strong foothold in West Africa, with Nigeria in the forefront of the battle.”Islamic

According to UN migration agency, some 59,000 people have fled attacks since November. The now-deserted border town of Rann was hit twice last month, with humanitarian centers vandalized or burned. Civilians and aid workers fled the scene. The agency further stated that 39 attacks were recorded in Borno and Yobe states last month.


Experts including Nigeria’s political and security leaders have grave concerns that Nigeria’s general elections on 16 February may make the situation worse as the Boko Haram (now ISWAP) threats remain inevitable. Boko Haram ramped up attacks in the weeks leading up to the 2015 elections and maybe be doing likewise this time. The only thing that would change on February 16th since 2015 election would be representative of the country as Boko Haram was active then and now, they are even more powerful and strong.

According to a resident who relied on the Nigerian law enforcement and government to protect him and his family from the extremists shared his recent experience, “We were running for our dear lives and the soldiers who were armed to protect us were even ahead of us fleeing the scene.”

Although the Nigerian government has regularly made claims that jihadist threat has been minimized through the efforts of military invasion, evidence on the ground suggest otherwise. The counter-terrorism agencies are experiencing extreme challenge to fight this war regardless of possess arms and ammunitions. In November last year, the new face of Boko Haram-ISWAP-killed at least 53 soldiers including an army commander. ISWAP not only target military units but also foreign aid organization like International Committee of the Red Cross and UN’s refugee agency who recognize the humanitarian crisis in Nigeria and make efforts to provide shelter, food and water to victims in conflicted regions. Lately, ISWAP executed two Muslim midwives working for Red Cross.

It is understood that crushing Boko Haram (now ISWAP) would take more than bullets and bomb. The counter-terrorism agencies need accurate and infallible information in such complex cases to minimize the victims caught in the crossfire. Information related to Boko Haram’s training camps, identification of masterminds or senior leaders, detail of future attacks, etc., which are generally available with arrested foot soldiers, but existing conventional interrogation techniques could not reveal such information, leaving the law enforcement agency in a dilemma.


Boko Haram has been the symbol of destruction in Nigeria and its adjoining countries for over a decade now. Since 2009, at least 35,000 Nigerian have been killed and over 2.5 million people displaced. Now being in constant fear of another militant attacks has been a daily routine for civilians. The only hope for these hundreds of thousands of victims depend on the action of government and law enforcement agencies. It is understood that for eliminating Boko Haram, precise intelligence is required to strike a killing blow. The existing conventional investigative tools preferred by counter-terrorism personnel in above cases are time-taking process and don’t reveal what information the militant possess and trying to conceal from the investigator.

Recurring Boko Haram case demonstrates exactly why Nigerian law enforcement agencies desperately need to be courageous and consider for an alternative method or process to gather accurate intelligence and evidence and identify the militants from innocent with a record-breaking time. In order to defeat Boko Haram (ISWAP) or any other terrorist organization, a non-intrusive, affordable and efficient technology with virtually perfect accuracy is needed by the counter-terrorism personnel.

Brainwave Science has unveiled the most revolutionary technology of this century that enables law enforcement personnel to determine who the terrorist is, by matching information of the specific training or crime scene directly from an infallible witness- the human brain with over 99% accuracy without necessity of physical evidence and it’s called iCognative. This technology is the last hope for the Nigerian people to provide accurate and reliable intelligence from the imprisoned foot soldier’s brain and can further help the counter-terrorism personnel eliminate Boko Haram and prevent future massacre.

Considering the inexorable pressure upon the Nigerian government including the President Muhammadu Buhari and law enforcement agencies at this crucial moment, iCognative is the only forensic and scientific technology that can guarantee the fastest solution to this nemesis. Counter terrorism agencies around the globe who are facing difficulty to eliminate domestic or foreign terrorist organization can utilize iCognative technology to gain accurate information and determine terrorists from innocents within a record break time with over 99% accuracy and with assurance of minimal causality in crossfire. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once a 45-minutes iCognative test is conducted by counter-terrorism personnel on the arrested foot soldier. Information such as: location of Boko Haram training base, Identification of mastermind or key leaders, links with ISIS or any other known or unknown terrorist organization, details of terrorist financing methods, details of future planned attacks, location of the kidnapped civilians or aid workers, etc., would be easily available to counter terrorism personnel to reverse engineer the whole terrorist network, disrupt financing methods and dismantle Boko Haram (ISWAP) or any other responsible terrorist organization in order to bring peace in Nigeria.Islamic

An assigned investigator uploads all the investigative details related to all the terror attacks into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brain responses when case related known and confidential information (together called Stimuli) is flashed to the suspects on a digital screen in the forms of pictures, phrases or words and determine with over 99% accuracy what information they possess and trying to conceal from the investigator. Information that was earlier unavailable to the counter-terrorism personnel to maximize their efforts to eliminate the terrorism.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the only technology suitable for the decade long Nigerian epidemic. With the help of this technology, law enforcement personnel will be confident as their investigation would remarkably improve, saving their time and effort to build a new strategy and protect innocent who are caught in crossfire. iCognative is the only hope for President Muhammadu Buhari to fulfil his promises during 2015 elections.

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