Knife attack on Police Officer in Brussels, possibly an act of terror

November 20, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Knife attack on Police Officer in Brussels, possibly an act of terror: Brainwave Science

Brussels Law enforcement agencies are investigating a knife attack on a police officer. This attack is being considered as a terror incident. The

The motive of the attacker is not clear yet. A judicial investigation has been opened in a terrorist context. In the early hours on Tuesday, the suspect attacked the officer with two kitchen knives. A man was reported as having shouted “Allahu Akbar”  before launching his attack. He was then shot at by two officers and later shot by two other officers. The victim and the attacker were brought to a hospital. Fortunately, the officer’s injuries are non-life-threatening. However, the condition of the attacker is “critical.”

This is not the man’s first offence. He was indicted earlier for multiple robberies where violence was involved. In addition to this, in 2014, he was arrested for attempted murder and possession of forbidden arms. He was only released in October this year.

The suspect is Issam T., a 33-year-old Belgian national, he was released from a psychiatric hospital for criminals. The assailant was known to police for robbery and violent crimes but not for terror offences.

The Police and the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis Center (OCAM) was not aware of Isaam’s alleged terror links. The police officer has become another victim of a cowardly attack. Two men were arrested after a search was carried out in the suspect’s house in Ixelles area.

This attack comes at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron is in Belgium on a state visit and visited Brussels suburb of Molenbeek – a reminder of terrible events that rocked Paris terror attack hold a dark symbolic value in the minds of all Europeans.


Belgium has witnessed terrorist attacks of various kinds ever since 1985, where a Belgian-French family was kidnapped by Libyans and held captive for almost 5 years. Belgium has been the base of operations for a number of terrorist attacks in the 2010s, including the November 2015 Paris attacks. It is from Belgium where some Islamist militants developed militant views before going to the Middle East to fight with ISIS. Belgium has found itself at the heart of Europe’s fight against radicalization and terrorism.

Terrorists use covert attacks to target unsuspecting innocent people. They blend in with society, and plot to attack at a time of their choosing. Most often they commit horrific acts against the very countries which grant them asylum. It is very difficult to distinguish between a terrorist and an innocent person before he or she has committed the act. Conventional investigative techniques cannot peep into the brains of suspects to find out if they have been brainwashed or radicalized. Although thorough and intensive questioning might help in extracting details, it is rather inefficient, unreliable, un-scientific and usually involves trauma.

Counter terrorism agencies would like to employ a method to reliably screen suspects on the basis of awareness of crime-specific details, and at the same time avoid subjective biases and torture. Although, being proactive can help prevent such horrific acts against innocent citizens however, traditional methods are just not sufficient.


Counter-terrorism agencies will highly appreciate a specific screening tool which can tell if a person is likely to be a threat to society. Moreover, if the tool is more reliable and accurate than lengthy interrogation, then it helps lead to the perpetrator and discover others faster. There is a better way than torture and inhumane interrogation. There exists a technology which can detect the awareness of specific information in the human brain. The counter-terrorism agencies face a gap in innovation, while the terrorists have adapted their methods to become more secretive and lethal. iCognative by Brainwave Science closes this important gap.  iCognative is a test which is administered on a person using a computer-based system and specialized wireless headset.  Within 45 minutes of using this test it can be determined with almost certainty if a person is aware of information which only an extremist is expected to know. Counter-Terrorist agencies can use this information on suspects and detainees to confirm if they are members of terrorist groups. It can help find intelligence and uncover terrorist plots. It is proven to more than 99% accurate. There is no known way to beat the test, and it does not report any false positives or false negatives.

Also, once a suspect is caught, the level of their involvement in a terrorist network can be found out. The system can be used in any country owing to its high customizability and access control features. Being a user friendly system, there is minimal requirement of training test administrators. iCognative is based on the processing of brains responses. It measures distinct change in electrical activity when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli. There is no trauma and torture meted out to the testee. In fact, no questions are asked. There are no countermeasures to the test, unlike conventional lie-detection mechanisms. The test is accurate to a degree more than 99%. It reports no false positives or false negatives.

Many a times, innocent persons are mistakenly incarcerated. The test not only helps put the guilty behind bars, but also helps exonerate the guiltless.

The Belgian authorities can run the test on the main suspect and two other arrested individuals. Not only will they able to confirm their involvement but can also determine to what level were they involved in the planning and execution of this cowardly act. iCognative helps to understand the hierarchy and structure of the network. This is something which is difficult to achieve using other existing methods. Even inactive members of sleeper cells will not be able to fool the test, as their brains cannot lie. It is applicable to more than 85% of criminal and civil cases. This revolutionary tool from Brainwave Science is instrumental in elimination of human suffering and improvement in intelligence gathering operations.

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