London government “lies” about resources to combat terrorism

June 6, 2017 | Brainwave Science

London government “lies” about resources to combat terrorism
June 06, 2017 | Brainwave Science

The London government has been accused by a former Metropolitan (Met) Police Chief of “lying” to the people about the number of armed security officers manning the streets of London. This statement came during an interview on Sky News with former Police Chief Peter Kirkham, on heals of the recent string of tragic terror attacks to hit London.

The Ariana Grande pop concert bombing in Manchester on May 22nd that killed 22 people and injuring 64 others. On Saturday June 3rd, 2017, the London Bridge attack, witnessed the ramming of a vehicle through pedestrians and moving on to Borough Market area stabbing numerous people. A total of 7 people lost their lives, 48 people taken to the hospital, 36 currently being cared for and 18 in critical condition.
All three suspects Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba named in the terror attack were shot and killed by police at the scene. Further investigations are still ongoing, looking for a wider links to ISIS or its ideology, and other Jihadist sects.

As security level in the United Kingdom remain “critical” the Met are in dire need of more resources. Contrary to the British government claim that putting more officers on the streets when what is indeed happening is that officers are putting in 16hour shifts and working on leave days.

According to Mr. Kirkham, severe cuts to Mets needs to be reversed and allow for stop and search as knife crimes have gone up 24% with more than 4,000 offenses registered.; gun crime increased by 42% with 2,544 offenses recorded in 2016/17.

In every case, counterterrorism and law enforcement agencies have lacked one critical capability: an objective means to distinguish between terrorists and innocent people, before the terrorists’ strike. Terrorists know who they are. They know what terrorist affiliations they have.

Same pattern appears again and again in lone wolf attacks, authorities are aware of a terrorist suspect, but they lack sufficient evidence of his terrorist affiliations, capabilities, and/or plans to take action, until it is too late. iCognative provides a scientific solution to the fundamental problem in counterterrorism: distinguishing between terrorists from innocents, before the terrorists strike. iCognative provides an objective, scientific technology to distinguish between terrorists and innocents by detecting the information stored in a terrorist’s brain. The terrorists know who they are; what they have done; and what terrorist affiliations, training, and skills they possess. iCognative accurately and scientifically detects this information stored in the brain.

iCognative is here and can undoubtedly help authorities ultimately reduce the ugly scourge of terrorism in our communities.