Malaysian police arrested six accused of planning attack, links to militants

February 15, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Malaysian police arrested six men, including four foreigners, suspected of planning terror attacks or being the member of militant groups. Two of the suspects are Malaysian nationals while the remaining four are from Singapore, Bangladesh, the Philippines and unnamed South Asian country.

According to authorities, the suspects, aged between 21 and 48, were arrested during anti-terror raids between December and January. Police believe most of the arrested suspects were generating funds for the organized attacks or recruiting for the Islamic State (IS), while one suspect was providing shelter to a black-listed terrorist. Malaysia has directed and extended their counter-terrorism strategies after ISIS carried out a series of terror attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia in January 2016.

Fazi Harun, Inspector-General of Malaysia, also verified the origin of the arrested suspected in a statement posted on Social Media.

The Singapore suspect had been allegedly involved in planning an attack on a building used by Freemason in Malaysia. The Malaysian police believe suspect also has direct links to Malaysian militant chief Akel Zainal, who recruits terrorist for the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria. According to reports, the arrest was made possible through corporation between Malaysia’s Special branch and Singapore’s Internal Security Department.

Fazi Harun said in a statement that investigation showed the Singapore suspect was involved in recruiting local militants to help and launch a terror attack at the Freemason building in Johor after receiving instructions from Akel Zainal.

The 21-year-old Philippines national is a suspected member of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and an expert on handling a variety of weapons. He was arrested during a raid in the eastern state of Sabah where he worked as a laborer. Fazi Harun said in a statement that he believes the suspect has direct ties with ASG leader Fururji Indama.

Malaysia has arrested hundreds of people over the past few years for suspected links to militant groups.


The threat of terrorism in Malaysia continues to pose a serious challenge as governments cope with the problem of growing radicalization and endeavor to stay ahead of terrorists plotting attacks in the country. Malaysia is among the key countries in Southeast Asia targeted by Islamic State. In 2016, when Islamic States claim responsibility of the terror attack in Jakarta, Indonesia, Islamic State’s unit in Malaysia, Katibah Nusantara, released a video directly challenging the Counter Terrorism Division for hindering the group’s recruitment strategy. The video stated the counter-terrorism operations in Malaysia will only result in an increased Islamic State (IS) threat to the country. Connecting the dot as how simple it is for IS to recruit, Malaysia government is already struggling with Rohingya Refugees, Islamic States took this opportunity to recruit desperate Rohingya Refugees to become suicide bombers or recruited them into terrorist cells.

Hundreds have been arrested and dozens of planned terrorist attacks have been thwarted in the past decade, but Malaysian counter-terrorism division still struggle to eliminate the recurring terrorist threats from domestic and foreign terror groups. One can acknowledge that the reasons behind this failure are identifying a terrorist is an extremely difficult task and counter-terrorism mostly arrested foot soldiers which could be easily replaced, however, the mastermind or senior leaders of these terror groups retain their freedom due to lack of foot soldiers’ cooperation and proper intelligence required to locate and arrest them.

Considering the recurring threat from ISIS and other terror groups, Malaysian government has enacted a wide range of preventive detention law which allow the counter-terrorism personnel to detain persons linked with terror group without bringing them to trail for up to 60 days or more. However, an important question is what if they trap an innocent or how well the counter-terrorism unit can gain specific crime-related information from a terrorist who are well trained to beat conventional interrogation techniques?


Due to the nature of modern terrorism threats, it is no longer feasible to rely on existing conventional investigative tools which includes time taking processes, do not guarantee accurate results and further do not reveal what information the terrorists possess and is trying to conceal from the investigator.  The growing presence of ISIS and its supporters in and around Malaysia has been of great concern for counter-terrorism unit for some time as Southeast Asia is a key recruitment center for terror groups. It is understood that for identifying the existing terrorists and sleeper cells, precise intelligence is required which cannot be accomplished by the existing interrogation or intelligence-gathering tools.

Recurring terrorism threats and growing radicalization in Malaysia demonstrates exactly why counter-terrorism unit desperately needs to consider an alternative method or process to gather accurate intelligence and evidence and identify the terrorist from innocent within a record-breaking time. In order to defeat ISIS, Abu Sayyaf and other terrorist groups, a non-intrusive, affordable and efficient technology with virtually perfect accuracy is needed by the counter-terrorism personnel. With recent terrorists’ arrest, Malaysian government can have an upper hand in this decade long war against terrorism and have a better probability to eliminate these terror groups within few months.

Brainwave Science has launched the most revolutionary technology of this century that empowers counter terrorism personnel to determine who the terrorist is, by matching crime-related information from an infallible witness- the human brain with over 99% accuracy without necessity of physical evidence and it’s called iCognative. This technology is most appropriate to use on suspected terrorists who would be detained under the preventive detention law as it minimizes the possibility of error and innocent suffering. As these terrorists are well-trained and hard to break, iCognative provides counter-terrorism personnel scientific and legal way to tap inside their human brain and reveal what information foot soldiers possess or trying to conceal from the investigators and further help the counter-terrorism personnel to identify and arrest the mastermind and eliminate known and unknown terror group with 99% accuracy.

Counter-terrorism units around the globe are under inexorable pressure as defeating terrorism and thwarting daily terror attacks isn’t a straightforward job. Thousands of information and evidence are verified before any counter-terror action as one mistake can cause either massacre or conviction of an innocent. iCognative is the only forensic and scientific technology that guarantees positive results and provide accurate intelligence and evidence to counter-terrorism personnel especially during such decision-making. Malaysia and other infected South East Asian countries can utilize iCognative technology to gain accurate information and determine terrorists from innocents with over 99% accuracy and with 100% assurance that no innocent would be caught in crossfire. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once a 45-minutes iCognative test is conducted by counter-terrorism personnel on arrested six suspects. Information such: link to terrorist organization such as ISIS, Abu Sayyaf and other known and unknown terrorist groups, identification of handler or existing terrorists or supporters, details of planned attacks, location of training base, details of recruitment methods, details of terrorist financing methods, identification of mastermind and key leaders, how they communicate etc., would be easily available to counter-terrorism personnel to reverse engineer the whole terrorist network, disrupt financing and recruiting methods and dismantle ISIS, Abu Sayyaf and other terror group before they could even plan another attack.

An assigned investigator uploads all the investigative details related to all the terror attacks including Jakarta terror attacks and others into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brain responses when case related known and confidential information (together called Stimuli) is flashed to the suspects on a digital screen in the forms of pictures, phrases or words and determine with over 99% accuracy what information these six suspected terrorists possess or trying to conceal from the investigator. iCognative is the finest method for counter-terrorism agencies to gain and verify any crime-related information which was earlier unavailable to maximize their results to eliminate the terrorism.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the most logical and in-demand technology for counter-terrorism personnel to gain advantage as their investigations would yield better results, masterminds behind these terror groups would be arrested without much sweat and no innocent would ever be caught in crossfire. If iCognative is deployed as one of the primary investigative tools to combat crime around the globe then world can be crime-free as we all dream.

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