The sorrow of Baghdad: 4 dead and 20 wounded as bombs rock the capital city

November 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science

The sorrow of Baghdad: 4 dead and 20 wounded as bombs rock the capital city: Brainwave Science


November began on a tragic note as Baghdad witnessed yet another bombing this year. The 4 bombs targeted the Shiite districts of the Capital City of Iraq and resulted in the death of 4 and injuries to 20. This is not the first time the Islamic State has bombed Baghdad this year. In January, a twin suicide bombing resulted in the deaths of 38 and injury of 105 others. The Terrorists have been regularly targeting Shiite Muslims in crowded areas. Although in the recent bombings the bombs were less powerful. The militant group has been terrorizing Iraqis with kidnappings and bombings. Although it has lost nearly all its territories to Iraqi forces last year, it continues to strike back. The group promotes violence against Shiites across the Islamic world. In 2018 alone, there were about 3 terrorist incidents with more than 100 deaths. These happened in Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Terrorists continue to attack embassies, crowded marketplaces, religious places. Methods such as bombings, suicide car bombing, mortar and grenade attacks, ambush, kidnappings are used to maintain the grip of terror.


According to a recent United Nations report, there are between 20,000 and 30,000 ISIS members present in Iraq and Syria, despite the groups’ defeat and a halt in recruiting foreigners. Since 2014, ISIS forces have carried out the most serious human rights abuses, war crime and crimes against humanity.

Counter-Terrorism agencies and the Terrorists are in a race to gain advantage over each other. The challenge is to not only develop new ways to fight terrorism, but to also to identify the terrorists quickly. Terrorists blend in with general public very easily and it works in their favor. It is extremely difficult to identify a terrorist or a member of a sleeper cell. Moreover, there are whole organizations which fund and organize terror activities.

It will be extremely valuable to the agencies if they could know whether a person possesses knowledge of Bomb-Making or has undergone terrorist training. Based on this, counter terrorism officials can indict or exonerate them based on the information stored in their brain.



Iraq, after so-called victory over ISIS, must empower its law enforcement agencies with the most innovative technology that can virtually and accurately distinguish ISIS fighters, sympathizers and supporters from innocents without any inhumane method. The technology that fits the bill is only offered by Brainwave Science and it’s called iCognative. This technology can very well be the silver bullet to cure this situation without abusing human rights. iCognative is the closest technology, advanced, impeccably accurate to determine critical intelligence hidden in the brains of terrorists.

iCognative‘s dynamic specific screening power when deployed by law enforcement changes the whole power equation. Utilization of this technology enables acquisition of details recorded in their brain with all the concealed information required to identify the ISIS member or supporter in approximately 45 minutes. The remarkable application of iCognative maximizes intelligence collection discipline across various security verticals. Easy to learn, automated iCognative can be installed and used with no limitations on any suspect as it supports human rights and is non-invasive.

Iraqi Law Enforcement can utilize iCognative technology to address the crucial problem- identifying between 20,000 and 30,000 ISIS members present in Iraq. A 45-minute iCognative test scientifically and accurately differentiates the terrorists from innocents and also provide critical intelligence, missing links and other vital information such as information about ISIS, the exact location of hideouts, name and pictures of ISIS member and other disclosed information.

iCognative test is unbeatable as there are no question answers, there are no false positives or false negative, no inhumane way of extracting information. The test analyses each brainwave response to each information (stimulus) flashed on a digital screen and determines with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not.

iCognative unrivaled excellence overrides all existing security solutions and guarantees a high success rate with an accuracy rate of over 99%. It is only imperative that Iraqi Forces deploy Brainwave Science‘s iCognative to fight the terrorist threat to advance their national security mission.

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