Three arrested for plotting terror attacks in Germany

January 30, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Three arrested for plotting terror attacks in GermanySITUATION

Three  Iraqi nationals have been arrested in Germany for planning Islamist-motivated attacks. Two of them are 23-year old and one 36-year old. They were arrested near Dithmarschen. The three arrived in Germany among refugees around 2015. The arrested persons are named Shahin F. and Hersh F. (aged 23) and Rauf S. (aged 36). One of the arrested persons had allegedly spoken of wanting to target the largest group of infidels (non-believers), but not children.

This was the same year when German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the doors of Germany and accepted around 1 million refugees from war-torn countries. The two younger men are suspected of preparing a bomb attack and violating weapons laws, and Rauf S. is alleged to have aided them. It is believed that they wanted to use fireworks to build an explosive and had ordered a detonator from Britain. Its delivery, however, was stopped by British law enforcement agencies. The three men had considered using a pistol but the 9mm pistol on offer from a man named Walid Khaled proved too expensive to them.

One of the men was also undertaking driving lessons in order to be able to use a car for their attack.

The men were planning to use the gun powder from new year eve’s rockets. It is believed that an unknown man was using encrypted telegrams to help and guide the men. They also downloaded a bomb construction guide from the internet, as per the local media. As per investigations, the trio had not chosen a specific target yet. Hersh and Shahin are believed to have thought of the idea of an attack in late 2018. Although it is suspected that they sympathized with Islamic State, but the presence of a direct link to the ISIS is being investigated.

The arrests were made after months of investigation in which the Federal Criminal Police also participated.

Residences of other people linked with the three have been raided. However, they are not suspected of any crime yet. The involvement of several asylum-seekers in extremist attacks or plots has helped boost support for the anti-migrant alternative for Germany party.


In the only mass-casualty Islamic extremist attack in Germany, Tunisian asylum-seeker Anis Amri hijacked a truck in 2016 and drove it into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people and wounding dozens. The Islamic State group later claimed responsibility for this heinous act.

It is extremely important to nip terrorism in the bud. It begins with screening asylum seekers and refugees for any terrorism training, IED/bomb-making training, exposure to radical propaganda and brainwashing, etc. It all sounds good in theory but using conventional techniques to conduct these screenings is almost impossible. To find out terrorist sympathizers or members of sleeper cells among 1 million refugees is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. In 2017, 6 Syrians were arrested suspected of plotting an attack and having links to the Islamic State, creating panic and stoking fear that extremists posing as refugees were targeting Europe. Read the story here. This problem is a big one because agencies related to human trafficking, border control, and counter-terrorism must work together closely to arrive at a solution.

Migrants from all over Africa and Asia make it to Europe with the help of traffickers and ‘immigration agencies’. Read the scenario analysis here, and learn about how a breakthrough technology can help bring this under control

Europe is yet to recover from the migrant crisis and more than half a million migrants are waiting in Libya to cross over to Italy. Read the scenario analysis here and find out how modern technology is the only answer to deal with this crisis. They will come by hook or by crook. The immigration agencies and the border control need to quickly equip themselves with the most modern screening tools which can identify if a person has even a speck of terrorism training. Existing techniques such as torture and interrogation are simply ineffective and inefficient when dealing with refugees and asylum seekers in huge numbers.


Brainwave Science is a company based in Massachusetts, US which has embarked on a mission to provide cutting edge technology to law enforcement and investigation departments. Its breakthrough technology,  called iCognative is a boon for the investigation departments all over the world. iCognative is a technology which was brought order to the otherwise chaotic and unpredictable world of investigation and interrogation. Brainwave Science has introduced a cutting-edge tool which has all the desired characteristics and can reduce the workload of the investigating agencies while increasing the accuracy of the screening of suspects. This revolutionary tool in the field of forensic science is called iCognative.  The cost of interrogation using iCognative comes out to be immensely lower than conventional interrogation. Popular techniques like DNA and fingerprinting are very limited in their applicability. DNA and Fingerprints are recovered in only 1-2% of the cases. Lie detector tests are not foolproof. A iCognative test is not only applicable to 85-90% of all civil and criminal cases but also, it has no known countermeasures. It does not report false positives or false negatives. It has a demonstrated accuracy of 99.9% in detecting EOD/IED bomb knowledge, uncovering high intelligence value individuals, and establishing links between a suspect and known terrorist networks, places and events. It is much more than a screening test. It can be used to effectively determine the level of involvement in terrorist activity, help identify potential threats, even those who are members of sleeper cells or those who have been inactive for years, help verify hierarchal and leadership structure within terrorist organizations, detect potential threats within asylum applicants and refugee camps,  and validate the possible links from database analysis techniques and methodologies.

Counter Terrorism investigators have always envisaged a tool like iCognative. Now it is a reality and is being used by agencies all over the world to validate potential threats and terrorist activity with reliability and accuracy.

iCognative uncovers concealed information by measuring brain waves. The test subject is made to wear a headset and exposed to stimuli containing information gathered from the investigation of the crime. The stimuli can be images, words, and phrases related to the crime. The iCognative system analyses the brain’s response to the stimulus and identifies whether the incriminating information is ‘present’ or ‘absent’ in the brain.

In this case, the three arrested Iraqis and Walid can be made to undergo the iCognative test. The stimuli can be IED/Bomb training manuals which they are said to have downloaded over the internet, propaganda material used to radicalize people, transaction details of the detonator which they are said to have ordered from Britain, CCTV footage of the men trying to purchase or searching for firecrackers, pictures of the encrypted telegrams, known propaganda material which the ISIS uses, details and pictures of others arrested from Germany and Europe for terrorism, etc.

iCognative is not only applicable to counter-terrorism and border security but also equally applicable to immigration, national security, human and drug-trafficking and law enforcement.

Every investigative agency across the world must have iCognative in their arsenal for fighting crime. It is only a matter of time before it will become the standard way to conduct a reliable and fair investigation.

iCognative is loved by law enforcement, investigators and the judiciary. This is because it is non-invasive, involves no torture, is easy to teach and learn, is highly portable and customizable in terms of language and function.

The German Federal Criminal Police must use iCognative, provided only by Brainwave Science in their hunt for terrorists among the masses and to help put them behind them bars quickly.

Main source : Daily Mail

Image Source: Daily Mail