UK Government to spend 50 million pounds to boost counter-terrorism efforts

January 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science



The British government announced that will spend an extra 50 million pounds to aid in counter-terrorism efforts. This budget increase aims to boost intelligence and surveillance capabilities and pay for more armed officers patrolling the streets.

The decision follows the Islamist terrorist threat of this year and the series of attacks across the UK.

Chancellor Philip Hammond and Home Secretary Amber Rudd have struck a deal to raise the Home Office budget from 707 million pounds to 757 million pounds next year.

“This represents our commitment to backing the brave counter-terrorism forces with the resources they need to keep people safe,” Rudd told The Sun.

Security services have managed to thwart 9 terrorist attacks in the UK this year, following the vehicle-bound terrorist attack at the U.K Parliament complex in March, the suicide bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester in May and the vehicle and knife rampage in June. Each of the mentioned attacks resulted in killed or injured victims.

Since 2015, the UK government has increased its counter-terrorism budget by 30 percent, which includes more armed officers plus an extra 500 million pounds for the Special Air Service, intelligence service MI5 and the Government Communications Headquarter.

Rudd said, “This [latest funding] will allow counter-terrorism policing to meet head on the threat we face, working closely with our communities and continuing to disrupt those who would want to harm us. We are also reviewing our counter-terrorism strategy to make sure we meet the unprecedented challenge.”




With an increased number of terrorist attacks this year, the UK government is to review their present counter-terrorism strategy and improve it to get better results. As terrorists find new and improved methods of attacking, a smart and efficient plan of action is mandatory. The rise in terrorist attacks and the increasingly sophisticated methods of perpetration are outpacing the technical solutions to fight it. Is it extremely difficult to know when an attack will be carried out, so the need for better intelligence is vital.

Terrorist groups have limited resources and limited means. They are quick to refine their methods in a very short time frame, improving on time-tested techniques, improvising, seeking out new ways to strike and new targets to attack. Law enforcement takes considerably longer to update their investigatory techniques and can only go so far when implementing new security measures.




iCognative offered only by Brainwave Science provides an objective, scientific technology to distinguish between terrorists and innocents by detecting the information stored in a terrorist’s brain. This innovative technology can provide authorities with better intel, useful to determine when a future attack could be carried.

Counterterrorism authorities can utilize the iCognative solution to determine if an individual’s memory contains specific knowledge of any fact or situation, such as the details of a crime scene, bomb-making knowledge, or the inner workings of a terrorist organization.

iCognative technology can identify perpetrators of terrorist acts, identify members of terrorist cells, detect plans for future terrorist acts or identify the role of an individual inside a terrorist organization.

Moreover, the technology also allows evaluating potential assets, detecting hostile intelligence agents with connections to foreign intelligence agencies.

The use of iCognative technology allows authorities to use their resources more efficiently, targeting precisely the key people or acts inside a terrorist cell. In addition, the results are 99 percent accurate. iCognative empowers law enforcement and counterterrorism agencies with an advanced technique to cross-verify and corroborate information to identify threat actors, before the terrorists’ strike.

In the UK government’s fight against terrorist attacks, this technology can provide a strategy change that combined with other efforts can bring real results and not only minimize the damages, but also put in focus the people responsible for them.



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