7 people arrested for enslaving Florida teen for sex

January 16, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Seven persons have been arrested in a human trafficking case in Florida, which involves a 15-year-old boy who was treated like a sex slave.

Major Mark Hansley of the St. Petersburg police department has said that a woman and six men have been arrested. He added that the men had introduced the victim to sadomasochism. A woman known to the men had introduced the young male victim to the men after she learned that he was unhappy at home. The victim had left a note for his mother asking her not to try to find him, nevertheless, she went to the Sherriff’s office to file a report for her missing son.

The victim is receiving special care meant for human trafficking victims. It is believed by the police that there could be more such victims.


Children have been exploited not only for sex but also for a multitude of other activities, such as terrorism, forced labour, forced marriage etc. Around the world, there are more than 300,000 children, under the age of 18 serving as combatants and slaves, fighting in around three-fourths of the world’s conflicts. This shows that children are at great risk from criminals who are dying to recruit them because children are gullible, physically weak, do not have a voice and are relatively easier to exploit.

The criminals also know that children are easier to brainwash into radicalism and hatred, than the adults. The challenge here is that adults who prey on children live double lives. They blend into society and hold regular jobs/businesses and thus are not suspected to be offenders. Such people are the most dangerous because it is extremely difficult to detect their involvement in crimes using conventional intelligence gathering mechanisms.

Let alone outsiders, cases of parents sexually abusing and trafficking their offspring are horrifying. Sex trafficking and slavery of children are unusually widespread in the United States. Read more here about the plight of a young girl with cerebral palsy who was pimped by her mother. In this case, authorities learned that the mother used to ‘loan’ the child to men and the mother’s boyfriend would also rape her. The mother would receive cocaine in exchange for letting men rape her daughter.


Law enforcement agencies around the world are trying their level best to bring every sex offender, trafficker and every criminal out there to the book. What is lacking in the current intelligence-gathering mechanisms is the efficiency and accuracy which is needed to save kids as soon as possible. With every single day that our interrogation techniques delay justice, millions of children around the world suffer and live in unimaginable pain. Moreover, the cost to humanity is unimaginable, because such brutalized children will grow up to suffer through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) if they ever make it to adulthood. It is documented that victims of abuse find it very difficult to blend into society and live a normal and healthy life. Thus, there is a pressing need to solve as many child slavery cases as possible. 7 people arrested

Brainwave Science has developed and Introduced an intelligence gathering technology which is perfect for this job. It is capable of rapidly screening suspects on the basis of whether their brain possess crime-related information or not. This is vastly helpful to investigators who want to know if a subject was involved in the planning and/or execution of a certain crime. iCognative exposes the test subject, usually a witness or a suspect, to images, words or phrases related to the crime, using a computer screen. When the stimuli are flashed on the screen, a proprietary headset records the brain response to each flash stimulus. This data is recorded and analyzed by the iCognative system in order to report whether incriminating ‘information is present’ or if it is ‘absent’ in the brain of the subject. 7 people arrested

If the iCognative test is administered to the seven arrested people, a great deal of information related to the exploitation of the young boy, as well as other victims who the police believe has not been discovered. Investigators and the test administrator need to input images, words and phrases related to the crime which only a planner and/or an executor is supposed to know. The stimuli to be used during the test for this case are the pictures, and other details related to the young victim, names, and images of the place where the woman met and abducted the young boy from, pictures and phrases related to sadomasochism, pictures, and details about the place where the young boy was confined and brutalized, etc. 7 people arrested

Floridian investigative agencies will be enormously benefitted if they involve iCognative in their investigation into the sex slavery of the young boy.

Brainwave Science aims to eliminate human suffering from the process of interrogation and investigation. Thus it has introduced the ground0breaking iCognative technology which can assist the agencies in more than 85% of the cases. This is a quantum leap from DNA and conventional fingerprinting, which is applicable to only 1-2% of the cases.

Moreover, iCognative is objective, more cost-effective, a lot less labor-intensive and way more effective and accurate than any of the other intelligence gathering methods. Investigative agencies will appreciate the elegance and the ease-of-use of iCognative immediately upon seeing it in action.

With over 99% accuracy in its results, iCognative becomes the reliable sidekick in every crime-fighting mission. The fate of young children lies in the hands of daring law enforcement agencies. They must embrace a modern and scientific tool, which is backed by the expertise and support of Brainwave Science.

Main Source: ABC