Florida man trafficked a 14 year old girl for sex

January 28, 2019 | Brainwave Science


The police forces in Tallahassee, Florida have arrested a man on Friday, in connection with coercion of a 14-year-old girl into prostitution. The victim has told the investigators that the arrested person, a 36-year old named Tyron Watson used to arrange sexual encounters between her and other men since she was the age of 13. He would set the price and arrange the encounters. The victim told investigators Watson had sex with her at least two times

Watson had threatened to kill the young girl and her family if she did not work for him. However, Watson allowed her to make brief and occasional phone calls with her mother to report that she was well. In November, sexually explicit photos of a juvenile were found on a website known to be used for prostitution and sex trafficking, according to court records. Tallahassee Police investigators tried to meet with the girl, but at first, she was uncooperative.

Once, the young girl was locked in a room in a hotel for two weeks. She was not allowed to leave. Mr. Watson was charged with human trafficking, deriving support from the prostitution of a juvenile, false imprisonment and two counts of lewd and lascivious battery.


Only two days ago, a woman from St. Petersburg, Florida was sentenced to life in prison for trafficking a 14-year-old for commercial sex. Even here, the victim’s near-nude pictures were taken by the culprit and posted on backpage.com. This website and its affiliate websites have been seized as part of an enforcement action by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division.

One website that follows the black market globally states that over 14 billion dollars are generated yearly in the United States alone, through such illicit websites where there is little to no moderation of the advertisements being posted. The response of the traffickers and their aides is that when such websites are banned or seized, their alternates are immediately launched. Advertising children online as prostitutes constitutes cybercrime. Cybercrime is a new breed of crime and it is perpetuated by highly intelligent and sly criminals. To counter such a crime, there is a pressing need for a modern investigation tool. Florida man trafficked


Brainwave Science has just the solution which can counter not only a novel crime like cybercrime, but also all types of conventional crimes like law-enforcement, human trafficking, national-security, border-security, immigration, drug trafficking, and counter-terrorism.

It is like an army knife, which is applicable in all kinds of situations. Believe it or not, iCognative is applicable to 85-90% of all civil and criminal cases. To put this in perspective, DNA and conventional fingerprints are uncovered in only 1-2% of the cases. Additionally, it is very costly to recover and preserve the samples. A huge team, a specialized laboratory and plenty of time are requirements needed for such tests. An investigative agency facing a backlog of cases will be simply overwhelmed. A suspect in custody waits for a torture-free interrogation, a fair trial. Florida man trafficked

This revolutionary solution is called iCognative. It is the forensic advancement which the agencies have been waiting for. It can transform the way suspects are convicted or freed. The investigators need the ability to swiftly screen suspects. iCognative test takes merely 45 minutes per test subject, be it a witness or a suspect. The result whether the subject is aware of incriminating information or not is available immediately after the conclusion of the test. Thus, iCognative helps the investigators conduct a breadth-first search for the likely culprit amongst the many suspects. Once, they have narrowed down to the likely culprits, they can dive deeper. They are free to conduct more specific iCognative tests as the investigation progresses.

To conduct a iCognative test the only requirement is that an investigation must have been carried out. In every crime, there is information/details which only the perpetrator is aware of. This is embedded in his or her brain as they have thought of, planned or executed the crime. iCognative test presents test suspects with information about the crime and measures their brain responses to each crime-related information. The system can accurately tell if the test subject is aware of details which only a perpetrator could know. These are presented in the form of images, words, and phrases, on a computer screen, to a test subject, while he or she wears a headset, which is designed to read a specific type of brain response and relay it to the iCognative computer. Here, after analysis, it returns the result in the form of ‘information present’ or ‘information absent’. Florida man trafficked

In this case, when Mr. Watson is put to the iCognative test, he will face no torture because Brainwave Science is proud of its mission to eliminate human suffering in the process of investigation.

The stimuli which can be used in his test could include, but not be limited to, details of activities on websites like bank page, where he advertised the young girl for prostitution, details of the hotel where the victim was held for two weeks, details of the money exchanges between him and his customer, call records where the young girl called her mother, etc. During the test, he will be able to use no countermeasures, as there have been no reports of any, till date. Consequently, iCognative reports no false positives and no false negatives.

The agencies investigating this human trafficking case must give iCognative a try. Agencies all over the world have tried it and realized its utility in the field of investigation and screening. Brainwave Science is proud to empower law enforcement and all agencies which fight for justice.

Main source: ABC