A Shortage of Women in China Causes Trafficking Brides from Pakistan

May 7, 2019 | Brainwave Science


A Shortage of Women in China Causes Trafficking of Christian Brides from Pakistan


Hundreds of poor Christian girls from Pakistan have been trafficked to China in the market for brides that has swiftly grown in size. Brokers are aggressively seeking out girls for Chinese men, sometimes even cruising outside churches to ask for potential brides. They are being helped by Christian clerics paid to target impoverished parents in their congregation with promises of wealth in exchange for their daughters. Parents receive several thousand dollars and are told that their new sons-in-law are wealthy Christian converts. The grooms turn out to be neither, according to several brides, their parents, an activist, pastors and government officials, all of whom spoke to The Associated Press.

“This is human smuggling,” said Ijaz Alam Augustine, the human rights and minorities minister in Pakistan’s Punjab province, in an interview with the AP. “Greed is really responsible for these marriages … I have met with some of these girls and they are very poor.”

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Pakistan has finally taken this matter seriously and has arrested 3 Chinese men in connection with this human trafficking ring. Seven more people ─ including three Chinese nationals ─ were arrested the FIA continues its crackdown on a gang allegedly involved in the trafficking of women to China for prostitution. The suspects have been identified by the FIA as Song Chuaoyang (ring leader), Rafique Hussain (translator and manager), Sajid (facilitator), Guyong Da, Saima Mustafa, Fusing Bu, and Saba Jahangir. “The gang members confessed that they have sent at least 36 Pakistani girls to China where they are being used for prostitution,” he said. The majority were Christians from different districts in Punjab, he said.

According to the agency, more arrests will take place in connection with the case and further investigations are underway. The arrested individuals have been nominated in FIA inquiry number 352/19. Shortage

The arrests come a week after Human Rights Watch said Pakistan should be alarmed by recent reports of trafficking of women and girls to China. It said the allegations were disturbingly similar to the pattern of trafficking of “brides” to China from at least five other Asian countries. Shortage


Shortage of Women in China Has Led to the Trafficking of ‘Brides’ from neighboring countries first it was from Myanmar and now it is from Pakistan.  “We’re seeing now what the long-term consequences are and one of those is the struggle for Chinese men who want to get married and the way that’s created a market for trafficked women and girls,” Heather Barr, who is also the acting co-director of the women’s rights division at HRW, told TIME. The World Health Organization says the natural sex ratio at birth is about 105 boys to every 100 girls and its best to have equal numbers of men and women in society. In China and India, two of the world’s most populous countries this sex ratios at birth have been much higher than 105, sometimes exceeding 120 boys for every 100 girls. It is partly because of the patriarchal culture that is so prevalent in the region. When women lack equal rights and patriarchy is deeply ingrained, it is no surprise that parents choose to not to have daughters.

The woman shortage is having harmful consequences in China and sometimes in neighboring countries. Human Rights Watch looked at one of those consequences for a report forthcoming in 2019 focused on bride-trafficking from Myanmar and neighboring countries to China. Christian

The trafficking of women like commodities in these Asian countries is a real challenge. China, India, and now Pakistan and other affected countries need to act urgently to mitigate the effects of the woman shortage. Human Trafficking and especially that of women has grave consequences for the human race. Human trafficking has become a humanitarian crisis, causing immense suffering. Christian


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan needs to use cutting edge technology that can help them eliminate the whole problem of trafficking of women from Pakistan to China as brides for sale. According to Jameel Ahmad, a top FIA official, the agency had busted the gang after it received information about the increasing smuggling of Pakistani woman to China where they are thrown into prostitution. The whole prostitution gang and their ring leaders can all be apprehended and brought to justice. iCognative by Brainwave Science proposes to help FIA and the other law enforcement agencies in Pakistan tackle this menace of human slavery in guise of ‘brides for sale’ with the power of brainwaves. Christian

Criminals participate in human trafficking at several levels. Some are involved in kidnapping victims or tricking them into traveling to a place where they can be forced into involuntary labor or sex trade. Some are involved in managing the labor or sex trade once the victim has been captured.

When suspected or apprehended, criminals involved in human trafficking rely on two defenses: 1) They claim a case of mistaken identity, or 2) They claim the victim entered into the forced labor or sex trade voluntarily.

In either case, iCognative technology can uncover the truth. Through this revolutionary forensic resource, investigators measure brain-wave responses to crime-related photos or words displayed for a nano-second on a computer screen. The perpetrator’s brain stores knowledge of the crime that would be unknown to an innocent person. Upon glimpsing crime-related stimuli, the brain undergoes a distinct change in electrical activity, which is impossible to manipulate or conceal. In the specific case of gangs involved in human trafficking and prostitution targeted at Christians in Pakistan, the FIA can utilize case related facts uncovered during the investigation to conduct iCognative test on all the seven suspects as well as the parents of the brides who were sold to these Chinese trafficking gangs. Details such as names and pictures of women sold, amount of money paid to the parents by the purchasers, names of Christian clerics paid to target impoverished parents, locations where the brides were taken along with another case-specific confidential data is flashed on a monitor in form of words, phrases or pictures while a suspect wears a Bluetooth headset and observes the details flashed. With over 99.9% accuracy the system-driven iCognative technology delivers results on whether the person in question has the “information present” or “information absent” in his/her brain.

If any of the husbands deny that they have mistreated or subjected these brides to sex-slavery it can be easily uncovered with iCognative technology. Without sufficient manpower and financial resources to target and combat the problem, traffickers thrive. As traffickers become more and more adept at smart technologies and advanced tools, global trafficking expands. iCognative by Brainwave Science aims to disarm these enemies of humanity, criminals cannot hide when their brainwaves are willing to confess.

Main Article Source: Dawn