Spain police bust ‘black magic’ prostitution ring in Murcia

November 23, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Spain police bust 'black magic' prostitution ring in Murcia: Brainwave Science


Spanish police have rescued 22 transgender persons. These victims, largely from Guinea-Bissau, Colombia, Honduras and Nigeria are victims who were forced into prostitution. They were subjected to regular beatings and kept locked up inside a flat. Moreover, they were forced to consume and peddle drugs. Strangely, they were often threatened with the use of Black Magic in case of noncompliance. The raided apartment was full of objects related to the Santería religion which abounds with rituals. Thirteen persons had been arrested in connection with running this prostitution ring. A Brazilian worked with others to recruit vulnerable young people in Brazil. This person was also the head of the ring. The Murcia police station received a complaint from a victim and an investigation was ordered. The victims had to pay the debt of their entry into Spain by working as sex workers. Four suspects are under arrest and the rest have been released on bail. The investigation is ongoing. All five of the gang stand accused of: being part of a criminal gang, trafficking human beings for sexual exploitation and crimes related to prostitution.


Prostitution is a multibillion-dollar industry which exploits unsuspecting humans. More than 40 million people work as prostitutes across the world, according to UNAIDS. Out of these, over 70,000 work in Spain. It is difficult to estimate the number of sex workers due to several factors including low response rates, the small scale of research compared to the size of the sex industry, and the diversity of the industry. Due to the unregulated and often illegal nature of the work, many prostitutes are locked up and treated like slaves, without rights or proper compensation.  The victims are not able to voice their concerns and get help. They are under debt to their oppressors and have no access to justice.

The criminal networks involved in trafficking of humans are spread across countries and continents. There is a need of a coordinated effort across nations and agencies in order to control and end human trafficking.


When given a chance, Victims of trafficking and prostitution reveal details of their ordeal and modus operandi of their oppressors. They, however, may not be able to shed light on the larger criminal network. There is a need to understand the structure of such criminal organisations and to find out the kingpins. Usual investigative techniques lead the Law Enforcement agencies to the foot soldiers, but the top bosses manage to evade the police. iCognative, a tool offered by Brainwave Science, is a non-invasive technique to determine if the person being tested has awareness of specific information or not. It is a revolutionary way to detect accomplices and members of gangs and criminal organizations. iCognative can help law enforcers tap into the brain of a suspect and read clues that link him or her to the crime. This system will analyze the testee’s brain-response to pictures, words and phrases related to the crime. A person who has planned and/or committed the crime will definitely know minute details which innocent people will not. Criminal investigations can now be conducted in a reliable and accurate manner, without running the risk of being biased and traumatic.

The victims may conceal information because they fear that the police are corrupt and might leak the information to the criminals. But they cannot fool iCognative system. It is immune from the opinions of the test administrator. Being applicable to more than 85% of all criminal and civil cases, iCognative can help close cases faster, and dismantle the most complex criminal networks.

iCognative developed and provided only by Brainwave Science, is a scientifically proven technique. The system is highly portable, customizable and easy to use. A computer and a specialized headset are used to conduct the test. Pictures, words and phrases are presented to a person. Investigative agencies need to find out how and where trafficking networks operate. When a suspect is tested, his or her brain will react to references of locations, names, objects related to the modus operandi. This helps save time and lives. iCognative gives authorities the opportunity to act in time and detect criminal intentions before being carried out.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a unique tool which not only helps solve cases but makes intelligence collection reliable and accurate. To bust the criminal network which puts the lives of thousands of Brazilians at risk in a timely manner, Law enforcement agencies must employ the iCognative system.

Main Source: The Olive Press

Image Source: The Olive Press