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Hundreds of migrants storm Spanish enclave fence, one dies

October 22, 2018 | Brainwave Science


One African migrant died and several injured when around 300 migrants stormed the border fence separating Spanish enclave Melilla from Morocco on Sunday. According to the Spain government, 200 sub-Saharan Africans entered Spanish territory by crossing two fences, over six meters (20 feet) high and topped with barbed wire, were taken to a reception in Melilla for identification and background investigation.

The dead migrant had a suspected cardiac arrest despite being treated by emergency services and over nineteen are treated for fractures or cuts sustained while scaling the fences. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s government released a formal statement in June where they pledged to remove barbed wire on top of the fence, but it hasn’t been done yet. The Spanish government mentioned earlier they will replace the fences with other security measures that respect human right and integrity.

The Interior Ministry said, “The control of migratory flows does not have to be in conflict with a greater respect for human rights.”

According to the UNHCR, UN refugee agency, over 48,800 migrants have entered Spain, twice as many migrants as Greece and other European nation. Over 6,000 have crossed the high fences to enter Spanish territories and others made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea in unsafe smuggler’s boat.

Spain has become the favourite destination in Europe for migrants which European Union has failed to agree on how to handle. Spain has accepted migrants rejected by other countries and also guaranteed them with free government-backed healthcare. The majority of arriving migrants in Spain are men, primarily from Guinea, Mali and Morocco. In July, over 602 migrants successfully assailed the Ceuta fence in a massive rush just after dawn. A month later, 118 additional migrants repeated the same. While others pay a high sum of money to smugglers for trafficking.


Multiple crises worldwide are driving the record migration around the globe which include Africans and Middle Easterners entering Europe, Rohingya Muslims fleeing Burma, Central Americans travelling to the US and many more. Immigration has turned into a global catastrophe, more than hundreds of million people are being displaced from their homes by conflict, war, poverty, violence and persecution. Attempted crossing to Greece and Turkey has increased by 47 percent while Spain and Italy up by 75 percent since last year. Nearly 860,000 refugees resettled by the United States since 9/11 and 3000 people per day struggle to cross the Balkans to reach Europe. According to UN reports, recent immigration figure is higher than the Second World War immigration crisis.

European border closures and restrictions, and the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal, have dramatically worsened the situation for these vulnerable people and created a humanitarian crisis. European countries might have open doors to hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers, some fleeing war-torn Syria or Iraq, other fleeing terrorism, violence and poverty but now the situation is much more complex than anticipated. The increase in number have torn countries apart and fueled political debate in European countries and around the globe.

According to the professor at Harvard, the immigration crisis in Europe will be seen by historians as the fatal solvent of the EU. Brexit will appear as merely an early symptom of the crisis. Opposition politician says Spain’s new policies encourage unlimited migration without any thought to the repercussions. They need to robust security measures including deployment of military forces to the border and embracing technologies that respect human right and integrity as immigrants started to use creative means of evading a detection.


Immigration crisis has turned into a humanitarian emergency where a logical step needs to be taken by the host countries to safeguard the safety of both the parties involved in this situation. The biggest challenge for law enforcement agencies in host countries facing mass immigration is the ability to identify the threats. As migrants travel with no legal documents, the current biometric system or investigative method used at the border, such as a retinal scan, fingerprinting or interviews can’t provide effective results, keeping the law enforcement personnel in a dilemma. Identifying the Traffickers, smugglers, terrorists or criminal through existing investigative or screening tools is as challenging as identifying a needle in a haystack.

Brainwave Science has developed the best screening technology that can specifically address the above-mentioned problem and can be the silver bullet to resolve the immigration crisis around the globe. Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology offers a powerful specific screening solution for border agents, immigration officers and other law enforcement personnel to identify the potential perpetrators or threat to national security.  This technology doesn’t rely on physical evidence or past history of a suspect or person relevant to the case to provide impeccably accurate intelligence about an individual and to add on, the technology further provides what information a suspect or relevant person is trying concealing from the investigator. All this could be accessible once law enforcement agencies utilize a 45-minutes iCognative on the suspected migrants. Investigation details such as: connection to any previous crime, any knowledge of specific training, modus operandi of a specific gang member, possession of bomb-making/IED knowledge, awareness of any terrorist organization’s protocol, code names or word, knowledge about drug/human trafficking and other vital intelligence can be available to the investigator with an hour by using iCognative test. All the above-mentioned details (called Stimuli) are inputed into the iCognative system to conduct a test on any person of interest. Once the test is over, law enforcement agencies would have impeccable accurate intelligence and lead as of whether a person should be admitted to the host country or not with over 99% accuracy, thereby preventing future crimes, terrorist attacks and protecting the nation.

iCognative test is non-invasive, supports human rights and eliminates labor-intensive interrogation as desired by the law enforcement agencies struggling to identify the perpetrator in immigration crisis. With the deployment of iCognative, the identification could be much simpler and easier without any necessity of documents.  Brainwave Science’s iCognative not only identify the potential threats before their entrance to the country but also identify the innocents who should be given the opportunity to restart their lives with safety and security.

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