Human Trafficking network revealed in Europe after a series of coordinated raids in multiple countries

November 13, 2017 | Brainwave Science


On October 26, 2017, 11 people were arrested in simultaneous early morning raids at several addresses in London, Birmingham, and Gateshead. A total of 27 people across the UK, Belgium, and Bulgaria have been detained as part of the operation, which the authorities say is continuing. Five nations — Belgium, Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands and Britain — took part in the operations, with police carrying out a total of 42 searches.

The smuggled victims are mainly from Afghanistan, with some also from Pakistan and Vietnam. The gang “is believed to have transported migrants in specially-adapted vehicles, passing through various EU member states, with the UK as a destination. The group had also “modified the back door of the storage area of vehicles, most minivans, thus creating a double door in which the migrants were hiding during travel”, Europol said in a statement. The ring-leader of the group, which has been under surveillance since January, was said to be a wheelchair-using “disabled man from Afghanistan who was based in the UK”, it added.

There were involved 200 officers in the raids, which was codenamed operation Halifax. This arrest operation in the UK was supported by officers from the National Crime Agency. The suspects arrested on that day have been taken to more than one police stations in London, Birmingham, and Gateshead for questioning.

Authorities say it is likely other arrests will follow.


The illegal trade is worth many millions of pounds to the traffickers, who charge between £7,000 and £10,000 for each illegal immigrant they smuggle into the UK.

“This international investigation is targeting an organized network suspected of being involved in a systematic attempt to evade the UK’s immigration controls,” said Steve Dann, director of the criminal and financial investigation at the Home Office. “We have been working closely with law enforcement colleagues across Europe and that vital co-operation will continue as the investigation proceeds with the evidence we have seized today.”

The Home Office Minister Brandon Lewis has also stated that “This operation is a good example of how we can bring together law enforcement from across Europe to work together to take on that threat and disrupt the organized networks involved in people smuggling.”

This raises a fundamental point that this is a problem that touches all countries in the world, it is an international problem relating to Immigration and Border Control tied complexly with trafficking humans for modern slavery purposes – including labor exploitation and the illicit sex trade.


Brainwave Science, a highly reputable company founded by entrepreneurial visionaries, neuroscience as well as technical experts can help solve this cruel and dangerous trade in which often the most vulnerable individuals are treated as commodities.

Mr. Robert Crepinko, the head of Europol’s migrant smuggling center mentioned an important fact “The case highlights how easily one criminal can lead a huge, pan-EU network from one EU member”.

In this situation, iCognative by Brainwave Science can quickly identify criminal gang members who are involved in trafficking illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Vietnam than the traditional way of investigations and interrogations.  According to news articles published in newspapers, investigations reveal that some organized criminal gang using vehicles that had a built-in special secret storage place for the transported people in order not to be identified when carrying out checks by border authorities. In the JIT countries, evidence has also been collected that a commission of £7,000 and £10,000 for each illegal immigrant they smuggle into the UK.  It is also found these illegal immigrants were sent through small boats or stuffed into the back of cramped lorries, vans, and cars.  According to Immigration Enforcement (IE) these are some of the disclosed modes of transportation or methods used by these organized criminal gangs.  Apart from these, there are many undisclosed facts known to IE.  Using these facts suspected criminal gang members can be very easily screened by using iCognative technology to identify actual organized criminal gang members from innocents.  As part of testing by iCognative technology, these above facts can be shown in the form of pictures or text to suspected gang members to identify actual perpetrators.  Technology clearly distinguishes who has information present and who has information absent.  This simple test can be carried out by any IE investigators in 45 minutes to one hour by iCognative technology.

By using Brainwave Science’s ground-breaking iCognative technology authorities would have cracked down the organized gang in weeks instead of an 8 months period of investigation.  iCognative technology is based on the brain recognition process, which is impossible to deceive since the human brain is not able to control it. The efforts of the European Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies aided by modern and advance iCognative Technology developed and provided only by Brainwave Science may very well play an instrumental role in identifying potential human traffickers. Given iCognative’s ability to match available information with the information stored in an individual’s memory bank, border security personnel and immigration officers can cost-effectively screen a number of suspects per day. Brainwave Science’s technology is ready to support Border Security, Immigration Control as well as Counterterrorism agencies in the world.



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