Law Enforcement

The irreplaceable iCognative technology puts criminals behind bars while exonerating innocents.

iCognative is an innovative science that many law enforcement and intelligence agencies are seeking to add to their arsenal of investigative tools. The objective of law enforcement is to seek out the correct perpetrator and see that they are punished for the crime they have committed. Once a suspect is in custody, iCognative can accurately establish whether or not the suspect has knowledge of the crime. This saves time and money on investigations, while keeping dangerous criminals off the streets.

Conventional fingerprinting and DNA testing match physical evidence from a crime scene with evidence found on the perpetrator. While these are tested and accepted methods, they are only available in roughly 1% of crimes. It is estimated that iCognative would be applicable in 60%-70% of these same cases, thus having the potential to make a profound effect on the criminal justice system.

The advantages to iCognative are that it offers higher accuracy than other techniques, is non-invasive and  has been deemed to meet the Daubert Standard in the US for scientific evidence.

Our Case Scenarios highlight iCognative’s instrumental value in security today. Contact Brainwave Science today to learn about this innovative and indispensable law enforcement technology.