Adriana Rivas: most brutal torturers of Pinochet-era

February 21, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Australian police have arrested a Chilean woman Adriana Rivas, a Sydney Nanny, and cleaner, after being accused of Human Rights abuse and kidnapping offenses dating back to Chile’s murderous Pinochet regime.

Adriana Rivas, who is now 66, worked as a secretary for the notorious chief of Chile’s secret police force Manuel Contreras at the National Intelligence Directorate (Dina) from 1973 to 1976. General Pinochet created the secret police force (Dina) to hunt down his political opponents and Contreras played a significant role in that. Manuel Contreras died while serving a sentence of more than 500 years for human rights abuses.

More than 40,000 people were politically persecuted during the Pinochet era, which lasted from 1973 to 1990.

National Intelligence Directorate’s agents abducted, tortured, killed and “disappeared” thousands of politicians and civilians before the agency was replaced by the equally brutal CNI, an army intelligence battalion. An informant has produced evidence to Chilean government that Adriana was equally involved in a kidnapping and alleges she played a major role in interrogating victims during gruesome torture sessions. Adriana is wanted for the aggravated kidnapping of seven victims in 1976, all of whom disappeared after undergoing vicious torture sessions. According to alleged witnesses, Andriana Rivas was one of the Dina’s “most brutal torturers”.

Adriana Rivas was arrested in Chile in 2007 while she was visiting the country but breached her conditional bail and fled to Australia.

In an interview given to Australian SBS in late 2013, Andriana stated she was innocent of the charges, but defended the use of torture in Chile at the time as necessary. She said, “It was the same as what Nazis used…It was necessary.” She further added “the whole world does it. Silently, underground, but they do it. This is the only way to break people because psychologically there’s no method to make you tell the truth.”

Australian government stated that Andriana’s arrest is a strong signal to the international community that Australia will not tolerate tortures and criminals seeking refuge in Australia.


Chilean Dictator General Augusto Pinochet was arrested in London in 1998 for ‘crime of genocide and terrorism’. In desperate need of power, General Pinochet installed a sense of fear in the Chilean population. The National Intelligence Directorate (Dina) operated highly secretive “extermination centres” where prisoner like politicians and freethinkers were raped, mutilated, electrocuted and brutally murdered. The regime of General Pinochet is recorded as the most horrifying period for Chilean and Spanish citizens.

Chilean-born lawyer Adriana Navarro who represents some of the relatives of victims of the Dina stated that more than 45,000 Chileans including himself came to Australia fleeing the Pinochet dictatorship. Several countries have faced the same scenario where a merciless dictator destroyed or tried to, peace in order to prevail the power. Such dictators have never in the best interest of the nation. Recently, Turkey also arrested more than 1100 supporters of Fethullah Gulen accused of an attempted coup in 2016. Even last year, International Criminal Court issued a warrant for Former Central African Republic militia for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Australian government proudly states that Andriana’s arrest is a strong signal to the international community that no torturer or criminal would be permitted in Australia as an asylum seeker, the same statement is said by almost all the countries including United States and Germany but an important question here is how she was granted asylum (lack of background research, forged documents, fake stories maybe) and how will they stop future criminals, terrorists and torturers? Adriana Rivas’s case is a complex case for Australian law enforcement and national security personnel. The accused Adriana states she is innocent of all the accused crime, so Australian government need to know the absolute truth before extraditing her and if she is guilty, then to prosecute her for the crime she committed in 1973-1976, do Chilean law enforcement agencies have enough substantial evidence and witnesses?


Adriana Rivas mentioned correctly in an interview in 2014 that torture has been and still being used by law enforcement agencies especially in terrorism cases where accurate crime-related intelligence is the necessity to eliminate terror groups. She further stated that this inhumane method is the only way to reveal the truth. It could be true in the past that there’s no method to make you tell the truth. With the advancement in technology and neuroscience, Brainwave Science, a US-based company, has launched the most revolutionary technology that does not promote inhumane method and reveal the truth with 99% accuracy. The same technology could even reveal the truth behind Adriana’s case with virtually perfect accuracy as needed by Australian and Chilean national security.

Australian and Chilean national security personnel are under relentless pressure to reveal the truth and prosecute Adriana Rivas if she is guilty. Till now law enforcement personnel relied on existing conventional intelligence gathering tools which do not guarantee accurate results, are time taking process and do not reveal what information a suspect possesses and is trying to conceal from the investigator.

Brainwave Science has introduced the most accurate and needed technology of this century that empowers law enforcement personnel including border security to determine who is the criminal, by matching crime-related information from an infallible witness-the human brain with over 99% accuracy without using any inhumane method or requirement of physical evidence and it’s called iCognative. This technology understands the frustration of law enforcement personnel as in the past, security market lacked an advanced investigative tool that could reveal the truth with such accuracy and further provide accurate crime-related information. If Adriana Rivas was involved in the accused kidnapping and torture interrogations, then iCognative will reveal this information with over 99% accuracy with minimal possibility of error and further support National Security to gather substantial evidence and identify the accomplices involved in this hideous crime.

At present, Law enforcement agencies around the globe are struggling with the refugee crisis as most of them are lacking proper documentation for verification and criminals use this opportunity to enter foreign countries to protect themselves from execution. iCognative is the only forensic and scientific technology that guarantees no perpetrator disguised as a refugee could hide any information from the investigator. If this technology was present during 2014 and was used by Australian law enforcement during the Pinochet dictatorship, then it would have never let Adriana Rivas or any other still identified criminal enter Australia. How? iCognative provides law enforcement personnel scientific and legal way to tap inside their human brain and reveal what information refugee-like Adriana Rivas possesses or trying to conceal from the investigators with over 99% accuracy. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once a 45-minutes iCognative test is conducted by national security personnel on Adriana Rivas. Information such as: was she involved in kidnapping and interrogation in DINA, how many people did she interrogated, what happened to people who disappeared, relationship with Manuel Contreras, identification of the accomplice who might have traveled to Australia or abroad, banking details, location of bodies, any crime committed on Australian soil, etc., would be easily available to Australian and Chilean national security personnel to investigate this case in the proper direction and prosecute Adriana and other accomplice involved.

An assigned investigator uploads all the investigative details related to this crime obtain through Chilean authorities into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brain responses when case related known and confidential information (together called Stimuli) is flashed to Adriana Rivas on a digital screen in the forms of pictures, phrases or words and determine with over 99% accuracy what information she possesses and/ or is trying to conceal from the investigator. With the limited physical evidence and time available, iCognative is the only technology in the security market that could reveal the truth, show Adriana that technology does exist now that uncovers the truth with using inhumane methods, provides substantial evidence to prosecute her and others and in the future, help border security forces by preventing criminals and terrorists from seeking asylum.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is a cost-effective and trusted investigative tool that guarantees positive results in such complex cases and assures law enforcement personnel that no innocent would suffer in the process. iCognative is the best hope for Australian authorities to fulfill the promise that Australia will not tolerate tortures and criminals seeking refuge in Australia.

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