14 toddlers in kindergarten injured, a stabbing spree shocks China

October 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science

14 toddlers in kindergarten injured, a stabbing spree shocks China


Chinese police reported that a knife-wielding assailant injured 14 children at the Yudong New Century kindergarten in the Banan district of Chongqing. According to the police, a 39-year-old woman slashed the children with a kitchen knife as they returned to class from their morning exercises.

“The deputy mayor and the municipal public security bureau chief Deng Huilin quickly rushed to the crime scene to direct the investigation,” the police force informed the media.

The victims were rushed for medical treatment to the nearest hospital after the police arrived at the crime scene. Pictures and video footage posted by local media showed children in blood-soaked clothes and wounds on their face. The motive for the attack is unclear though similar previous knife attacks against children were fueled by grievance against the Chinese government.

According to the South China Morning Post reports, one witness to today’s attack heard the female assailant shouting “the government had treated her unfairly”.

The suspected attacker, whose surname was given as Liu, was arrested at the scene and an investigation is ongoing to determine the motive behind such an evil crime, the local police said on China’s version of Twitter, Weibo.

Shooting is rare in China, due to strict regulations for fire weapons, but mass attacks are generally carried out with kitchen knives or homemade explosive device, However, recently targets are often schoolchildren. For example: In September, China executed a man convicted of killing nine students and injuring 11 in a knife attack at a middle school in the central province of Shaanxi. Police said the assailant carried out the attack “to take revenge on society.” 


According to reports, at least 40 schoolchildren have been killed and many injured in stabbing massacres since 2010. As most cases had no known motive, experts say the assailants are sometimes trying to unleash anger at society over rapid social change, mass migrations, increasing disparities in wealth and weakening of traditions.

Since the recent increase in attacks, parents are terrified about their children’s safety in schools as it could be the last time they see them. So far, one thing is clear that attacks on school kids are now the norm in China.

The suspects of recent attacks made careful plans to execute mass stabbing. Keeping that in mind, law enforcement agencies are under relentless pressure to perform better and find connections between these attacks before another mass stabbing occurs. In order to identify the motive and connection behind the attacks, law enforcement agencies need advanced technology that could provide positive results, accurate intelligence, missing links and connections in a short time frame with over 99% accuracy.


The dramatic rise of knife attacks around the world shows that the problem these days isn’t with guns. it’s with people. If a perpetrator wants to commit a crime, he/she will find one way or another irrespective of their mental condition. Violence has become a societal problem and in order to cure the law enforcement must be able to first diagnose this disease accurately. To weed out a problem from the root they must know the root cause. Here it seems it is angst against the government that seems to be a probable cause.  Though law enforcement agencies haven’t established any connection or motive in the recent knife attack, the only possible solution to solve this case and find the connection between the attacks is through the use of the most advanced forensic technology that is safe, non-invasive and has unprecedented accuracy rate in providing intelligence and leads that no other existing investigative tool could offer. This technology only offered by Brainwave Science, delivers impeccably accurate results to support the investigation without any necessity of physical evidence, it’s called iCognative.

iCognative technology uses memory related recognition pattern to gain valuable, relevant and accurate information out of a suspect’s brain with over 99% accuracy. The technology’s purpose is to empower law enforcement personnel with different levels of security challenges in their efforts to keep citizens safe and help in the delivery of justice. iCognative is extremely applicable in over 85% of criminal as well as civil cases wherever some investigation has been carried out.

In the recent knife attack case, a 45-minutes iCognative test can help the law enforcement to identify the motive and connections and further provide valuable intelligence, missing links and other vital information necessary to solve this case as well as stop future mass stabbing.  The investigator uploads all case-related information including confidential crime-related information into the iCognative system to conduct a test on any person/s of interest or arrested suspect/s. Investigation details discovered during the investigation and known only to the perpetrator such as: location of the attack;  time and date of the attack, exact class location of the attack, method of attack, photos of victims, evidence collected from suspect’s home and testimonies including footages recorded by witnesses, etc. At the end of the test, iCognative system will record and analyze the brain responses of the suspect to determine with over 99% accuracy whether specific crime-related information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not. The purpose of this test will be to understand the underlying societal problem of violence that leads people to commit such crimes against innocent kids as well as establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect cannot plead insanity as a defense strategy. If the suspect has the details of planning and execution of action it goes to show that he/she has premeditated the crime with an intent to harm which can be proven with evidence collected in follow up of the results of the test.

Not even one existing conventional investigative tool in the security market can provide the specific information a perpetrator is trying to conceal from the investigator, it’s become a challenge for law enforcement agencies to investigate in the right direction. But now, with the help iCognative – a technology that relies only on the brain reaction, law enforcement agencies will be able to solve simple and complex cases within few days and further find the root of the crime, saving millions of innocent lives.

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