Mexican Serial Killer Couple murdered 20 then dismembered their bodies

October 9, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Mexican Serial Killer Couple murdered 20 then dismembered their bodies: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

A Mexican couple arrested by local law enforcement personnel for carrying dismembered human remains in a pram in connection with at least 10 known murders in Ecatepec, Mexico City.

The man and women, identified as Juan Carlos N and Patricia N, are alleged to have lured single mothers to their home in Mexico City on the pretense of selling them clothes. Juan Carlos confessed to the prosecutor of killing 20 women and raping some of his victims before chopping their body part in a suburb of Mexico City.

In a press conference, the state prosecutor Alejandro Gomez stated that the suspects felt appreciative of their hideous activity and wanted to be famous. Prosecutors consider both of them as psychopaths and serial killers.  Gomez said, Juan, has a mental disturbance consistent with psychosis and a personality disorder, while Patricia was mentally disabled since birth, and has acquired induced delirium.

According to the investigation, the couple was under surveillance after phone records showed their links to three missing women, including a 28-year-old Nancy Huitron, who had disappeared along with her two-month-old-girl, Valentina. Mexican Police hoped the pram would contain the missing two-month-old girl, but instead found human remains in a bin bag. According to Neighbors statement, whenever they saw the couple together, they would regularly carry the same pram in which police found the dismembered body parts.

During the house and premise search, investigators found several more body parts, they found few in cement-filled buckets other wrapped in plastic bags inside a refrigerator. The collected body parts were in such bad condition that forensic tests will be needed to identify the victims. According to the state Prosecutors, identified victims were single mothers and knew the Juan Carlos and his partner from buying clothes and food from them, However, the investigation is still ongoing as the motive behind the murder, the total number of victims and identification of body parts buyer is still not clear.


The cycle of bloodshed that has gripped Mexico for decades is again reaching record peaks. The homicides rate rose by 16% in the first half of 2018. According to interior department’s reports, in the first six months, there were approximately 15,973 killings. Ecatepec has become notorious as a center of the killings. Thousands of women have disappeared or been murdered during a sharp increase in violence and most of them are unknown. Government statistic shows that 2,585 suspected known murders of women occurred last year.

According to UN Women, seven women and girls are killed in Mexico every day. It is hard to tell why there is such intense growth in homicide, some blame drug mafia and other lack of police power. This case has triggered shock around Mexico, even by the standards of a country plagued by a surge in violent crime.


After numerous murders and disappearances in Mexico and the lack of law enforcement’s capability to protect the citizens, families are losing faith in law enforcement. The finest approach to strengthening public confidence is by solving and preventing homicides through use of an upgraded modern forensic technology that is immaculately accurate, cost-effective, non-invasive and provides 100% guaranteed positive results within an hour. Brainwave Science offers such upgraded technology that provides accurate and valuable information from the well-known foolproof source – human brain and it’s called iCognative

A remarkable step forward to solve this complex case swiftly is to gain intelligence and leads on threats that Juan and Patricia pose, saving manpower, time and money. iCognative is so remarkable and advanced that once tested on the couple it can determine with over 99% accuracy what they really know and further identify key information such as the location of murder weapons and dismembered body part, identification of victims, motive behind these murders, who purchased the dismembered body part and other significant information that no other existing investigative solution such as interrogations, polygraph or fingerprinting can provide in such a brief time-frame.

iCognative test when employed by Mexican law enforcement, will substantially change the way of solving crimes. This technology will swiftly deliver valuable and accurate intelligence to find missing links, identify the perpetrator from innocent and other vital information necessary to decrease the crime rate, it aids prosecutors with identification of the prime suspect and helps prosecute them with quality lead generation and evidence collection. iCognative system record and analyzes the brainwave responses via an exclusive proprietary headset at the sight of crime related words, phrases or pictures flashed on a monitor observed by the suspect. Crime related information includes case facts as well as investigation details collected by law enforcement including details in this case such as: names and pictures of victims; locations where suspects met with victims; location of various human remains in their home; pictures of other victims who might have been murdered by the suspects; method used to lure women; etc., along with details that are not in public domain and remain case confidential (altogether called Stimuli).  When such stimuli are flashed on the digital screen the automated and system driven iCognative technology provides results with over 99% accuracy, it determines if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not, making the iCognative test unbeatable.

Brainwave Science‘s iCognative is the only desirable solution that can help Mexican Law enforcement agencies stop hideous crime in streets and protect its citizenry. iCognative is a potent weapon in the war against criminals for law enforcement agencies combating crime and violence around the globe.

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