Successful North Mississippi Triple Beam Crime Operation with 250 Arrested-Brainwave Science

Successful North Mississippi Triple Beam Crime Operation with 250 Arrested

October 11, 2018 | Brainwave Science


According to the information reported from media sources including News Channel,  during a crime operation, North Mississippi’s federal prosecutors arrested more than 250 people, including gang members, sex offenders, and murder suspects.

“Again and again, law enforcement in North Mississippi has given the rest of this nation an example of what we can accomplish when we bring together the resources and expertise of our federal officers with the street level intelligence of our state and local partners,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “The arrest of more than 250 defendants—including multiple sex offenders—as part of Operation Triple Beam builds on the hundreds of arrests that our Deputy Marshals in North Mississippi have helped make over the last year in operations like this one.”

Charges against the 255 people arrested included homicide, assault, robbery, arson, drug distribution, illegal gun crimes and failure to register as a sex offender. About 150 gang members were arrested or validated by law enforcement, In addition, almost 200 registered sex offenders living in areas of Northeast Mississippi were checked for compliance with sex offender registration requirements. Compliance checks were also conducted on another 150 moderate and high-risk federal and state probationers. In addition to the arrests, about $52,773 worth of narcotics, $50,565 in cash and 76 firearms were seized and 11 stolen vehicles recovered. It was a month-long law enforcement initiative that resulted in this success.


Modern society is increasingly characterized by criminalization. The practice of combating crime shows that the criminal environment has acquired professionalism and organizational framework, actively exerts a negative impact on the public consciousness and behaviour of people, changing the traditional values and standards of cultural assessments. More and more new representatives of various segments of the population fall into the world of crime.

In the 21st Century, law enforcement faces a variety of challenges daily, that is why they are in urgent need of enhanced capabilities, especially new modern technologies, to handle today’s issues as efficiently as possible, to look towards the future to anticipate and prepare for new crime trends and emerging opportunities.


iCognative only by Brainwave Science is a state of the art security solution suited for all nations. By standardizing the use of first-of-its-kind iCognative technology in investigations, law enforcement benefits from a scientific and objective means to resolve who exactly the perpetrators and accomplices are and their level of participation in any given crime. iCognative utilizes advancements made in the field of neuroscience to enable a highly accurate identification of a person by distinguishing what a suspect, witness, or victim truly knows.

A 45 minutes iCognative test conducted on the victim, witness or suspect and anyone related to the case will bring valuable intelligence for solving the case. In our case, all arrested individuals can be submitted to the iCognative test and with the help of which the law enforcement could be led to other connections of crimes.

A few items or objects called case-facts or investigation details called stimuli is utilized to build a iCognative test. These items or objects may include evidence found by the investigators and relevant to the perpetrator. These stimuli are introduced into the system in the form words, phrases or pictures depending on availability. A suspect wears a specialized proprietary headset while the specific Stimuli is flashed on the monitor for suspect to observe. There is no question/answers required, brain provides all answers. System driven advanced iCognative technology provided only by Brainwave Science collects brain responses to each of the stimuli presented in a non-invasive fashion and detects with over 99% proven accuracy if the information is present in the brain. The result of the test is given within a minute and will reveal which suspect or how the suspect is connected to the case in question and other crimes he is suspected of having committed.

iCognative technology by Brainwave Science is out-of-the-box, highly accurate, portable, easy to learn and stands ready to support law enforcement agencies in the US across states and support Department of Justice in their several other operations to crack down on criminals.

Main Source: News Channel 3

Image Source: Daily Journal