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Jennifer Ferguson opens rape case against Danny Jordaan

March 28, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Musician and former MP Jennifer Ferguson has opened a case of rape against South African Football Association (Safa) boss Danny Jordaan.

Five months ago, she accused Jordaan of sexually assaulting her in a hotel in Port Elizabeth 24 years ago. The police’s Lungelo Dlamini says the case was opened at the Parkview Police Station. “A case of rape was opened at Parkview and was transferred to Port Elizabeth where the incident happened.”

Since Ferguson came out with her story in a Facebook post in October, Jordaan – who denies the allegation – has insisted that she lay a charge so that a court of law can determine the truth. But Ferguson has repeatedly said she preferred “restorative justice”, where the two of them would meet face-to-face in a mediation process.

Ferguson arrived in South Africa on Monday for a series of performances of #WeToo, a show she wrote after she accused Jordaan of raping her. The #MeToo movement began in October on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment of women, especially in the workplace.

The day of the alleged rape, Ferguson says that she “didn’t even know Danny’s surname”.

“He had just been introduced to me after I finished this performance at a banquet where they were celebrating the coming together of sports councils. I just got a call and was told: ‘Comrade Ferguson, we would really like you to come and sing. It’s going to be important and please come down to Port Elizabeth.’ I said yes.

“I remember the dress I wore, the velvet. I remember textures. I remembered one woman in this whole gathering of predominantly men in this green Springbok blazer,” she said.

Jordaan, she said, was introduced to her after the event, and was in a group with late rugby administrator and Eastern Cape premier Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile. We were happy and there were upcoming elections and there was a lot of relief,” she said.

“What I can remember is that this man reminded me of somebody. So we started chatting and he wasn’t very articulate … They were clearing up the banquet hall, and we were standing next to the lifts going up to my hotel room and he said: ‘Should we have some coffee or something?’

“And I said yes, but I just wanted to change first. And he stepped into the lift with me and said: ‘Well, I’ll come with you.’ And, of course, this was where a warning light should have come on.

“And I got out at the top and he followed me and I got to my room and opened the door. It was awkward. And I go into the bedroom and I close the door. And I start to change. And the door opens. And he was in there. And it was quick and it was violent and he was behind me. He left immediately afterwards.”

The only evidence Ferguson has to back up her allegations are the friends she told about what allegedly happened.




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Jennifer Ferguson opens rape case against Danny Jordaan