Mapuche death amid protests in Chile, President pledges a thorough investigation

November 16, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Mapuche death amid protests in Chile, President pledges a thorough investigation: Brainwave Science


A 24-year-old grandson of a Mapuche indigenous leader, Camilo Catrillanca, was unintentionally killed by law enforcement in Chile. Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera has assured a thorough investigation as the incident sparked protests and firebomb attacks.

Pinera said the government “will exhaust means to investigate the truth of what happened,” requesting a full-time prosecutor be dedicated to the case.

Hundreds of civilians assembled and protested outside government headquarters in Santiago, the anti-riot police force had to use water-canon and tear gas to scatter the crowd. A church, holiday resort and a house were also hit by an arson attack in Southern Chile as a protest against the killing of Mapuche.

The Chilean Police Director General clarified the situation as police allegedly came under attack from automatic gunfire during an operation to detain a suspected gang of car thieves when a bullet hit Catrillanca who was driving a tractor in that area. It is not evident who fired the shot. However, Karina Riquelme, a Mapuche community lawyer, said Catrillanca was confronted by the Jungle Commando who opened fire without any provocation.

President Sebastian Pinera has been criticized earlier for deployment of police special forces, Jungle Commando, to combat common crime in Mapuche territory. Opposition parties and rights groups denounced the shooting as evidence of Pinera’s “militarization” of the region to settle conflicts between multinational logging firms and indigenous resident claiming the land belongs to them.

The Chilean state has long been accused of discrimination against the Mapuche people, who centuries ago controlled vast areas of Chile but have been marginalized.


The Mapuche people are Chile’s most prominent indigenous group and have the utmost respect for the earth, nature, and for their community. However, Chilean state refers to them as “terrorists”. Several violent actions by Mapuche people are considered as terrorism and prosecuted under the anti-terrorist law.

Numerous incidents such as violent land occupations, burning of private property, kidnapping, killing or riots have occurred in Chile and the government failed to find an appropriate way to fix the damaged relationship it has with the Mapuche people who demand equal stance and respect for their culture for decades now.

Incidents related to Mapuche receives a significant amount of media attention in the country and abroad. Government and law enforcement brutality against Mapuche men have a long history as many before having been “accidentally” killed by police.  One such a high-profile case was of Jaime Mendoza, who was shot by police during a peaceful protest. The police investigation cleared the police officer but later was found guilty by the Military court.

Camilo Catrillanca’s case judgement can be the initial step to restore the distorted relationship between the government and Mapuche society. As per testimonies of law enforcement personnel, finding truth is complicated. The question arises in civilian mind’s whether he was deliberately killed, or it was an accident and biggest question of all, who killed him.


Chilean President Sebastian Pinera vows to end century-long conflict between the state and the country’s indigenous population in order to develop the country at the unparallel rate, but the present scenario and Mapuche anger say otherwise. Such actions would require transparency in swift delivery of justice for Mapuche specifically in Catrillanca case as the riot and chaos escalate. It is understood that available forensic tools in the security market are crippled to handle this case rapidly as suspected car thieves are still at large, and verification of commandos’ testimonies is necessary. One technology that is promising and is proven to deliver results that are accurate, reliable and unbeatable is called iCognative technology developed by Brainwave Science. It is the most suitable and logical neuroscience based forensic technology  that can support the job of law enforcement agencies to deliver veracity of Catrillanca case within an hour.

In complicated and case that potentially bears national security consequences like Catrillanca, the iCognative technology qualifies law enforcement agencies to acquire valuable and accurate intelligence from the all persons of interest, targets, suspects as well as witnesses’ brain. This technology optimizes time, money and manpower spent in the whole investigation. iCognative helps investigators tap inside the suspect’s brain and reveal what specific crime-related information he or she possesses, verifying the testimonies of suspects and witnesses and provide accurate and valuable intelligence to investigate the case in the right direction.

A 45-minutes iCognative test can be used by law enforcement agencies on relevant suspect including Jungle Commandos would determine if they possess any knowledge or plans of attacking Mapuche intentionally. This test eliminates human suffering, torture and emotions opted in various investigative process. Once all the case-related information is uploaded into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brainwave responses via upgraded proprietary headset when confidential stimuli are flashed to potential suspect/s on a digital screen. The results are always automated, and system driven. Once the test is completed, iCognative technology determines with over 99% accuracy if a suspect does possess specific crime-related information or not. All the accurate and guaranteed positive results would help the law enforcement personnel investigate this case in a more effective way and in the right direction.  iCognative is applicable in 85% of all civil and criminal cases wherever some investigation has been carried out, saving thousands of man-hours and approximately 75% in cost of investigations.

In an intricate situation of Chile, iCognative by Brainwave Science can play a vital role that can help Chilean government and law enforcement agencies for advancement of the cause of truth and delivery of justice  in case killing of Catrillanca and other Mapuche related cases within few days. Armed and aimed to deliver truth and justice iCognative can very well be the closest to a silver bullet for Chile to restore peace with Mapuche and maintain peace and prosperity within the country.

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