Mexican Congresswoman’s daughter shot dead, five suspects arrested

November 13, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Mexican Congresswoman’s daughter shot dead, five suspects arrested: Brainwave Science


Mexico police have detained five men suspected of killing the daughter of Congresswoman Carmen Medel. Valeria Cruz Medel, a 22-year-old medical student, was shot nine times while working out in a gym in Ciudad Mendoza, Mexico. Another woman was also killed in the incident. According to the police investigators, a lone gunman shot Valeria and fled the crime scene, but police suspect a gang involvement.

Mexico Police believe Valeria Cruz was murdered by an anonymous gang in a case of mistaken identity. The governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunes, notified the public that Valeria was killed by a lone gunman, El Richy, who was tracked by the police force after an anonymous lead described the vehicle of the killer. He further included the suspect was found dead in a vehicle by the police and there was little doubt the suspect was the shooter as his shoes matched the prints found at the gym and the ballistic matched his gun he was carrying.

Governor Yunes confirmed Valeria had no prior contact or connection with the suspect or gang. The police personnel believe El Richy went to the gym to kill another woman, presumably gang member’s girlfriend, who works out at the same gym. The suspect was killed by members of his own gang for murdering the wrong person, therefore, triggering a police hunt for the gang members. However, police couldn’t verify who was the intended target or gang members.

According to reports, more than a hundred politicians have been slaughtered in Mexico since September last year and over a thousand candidates have dropped out of local elections due to threats from organized crime. Valeria case illustrates the possibility of an involvement of organized crime group who had prior murdered or kidnapped politicians or their family.

Pablo Gomez, a Morena party deputy said, “we are all subject to this crisis of violence and all of us, together as a legislature, must respond. We must bring peace to Mexico and eradicate violence and violent crime.”


The cycle of bloodshed that has grasped Mexico in recent years is again reaching record peaks. Valeria murder has placed a spotlight on Mexico’s murder plague in which 22,000 people have been killed so far this year.

As assumed, the capture of kingpins of the organized crime like EL Chapo would weaken the gang and violence but unfortunately, the murder rate has accelerated as rival gangs fight to fill the position of the kingpins and compete over the existing territories. They have become more dangerous than before.  In recent incidents, Politicians are particularly the favorite and most vulnerable targets of organized crimes especially those who won’t support or turn a blind eye to illegal activities of organized crime. Several politicians were murdered, kidnapped, blackmailed or worst support criminal activities.

Mexico has been tormented by gang violence for years and the government has deployed federal police and the army in various hotspots in an attempt to crack down on the gangs, but all turned into failure. Valeria murder case, if approached through advanced investigative tools, can very well be a turning point in the process of elimination of organized crime, identification and arrest of the members of organized crime operating within the region and provide justice to the congresswoman and other thousands of families.


Recent viral video of Carmen Medel’s reaction after hearing the news of her daughter shows the unbearable pain family must suffer because of law enforcement incapability to protect the citizens or eliminate the decade-long operating organized crime. Every existing strategy or tools used by Mexican law enforcement agencies to fight the organized crime hasn’t been fruitful. Valeria case turned into a nightmare for law enforcement personnel because of the excessive attention from media and society. The best approach for law enforcement agencies to regain power and confidence is through swiftly solving this case and eliminate the gangs in one stroke. As conventional investigative tools fail to reveal what a detained suspect really knows, putting investigators in a dilemma.  Only existing technology in the security market that is immaculately accurate, cost-effective, non-invasive, provide guaranteed positive results and above all reveals what a suspect is trying to conceal from the investigator within an hour has finally arrived. Brainwave Science offers such upgraded technology that can be the most appropriate weapon for law enforcement agencies to be deployed against rising crime in Mexico and it’s called iCognative.

iCognative technology is specifically designed to detect hidden information in the suspect’s brain with over 99% accuracy. This highly accurate as well as objective technology doesn’t depend on human interpretation, therefore, provides law enforcement personnel with the highly accurate and reliable intelligence necessary to eliminate the organized crime and solve crimes. iCognative is so powerful and advanced that once tested on the arrested five suspects would determine with over 99% accuracy what they really know and further identify key information such as who ordered the hit who was intended person, who killed the suspect, identification of other gang members, head of the gang, any link to other gangs, previous crime and other significant information that no other existing investigative solution such as interrogation, polygraph or fingerprinting can provide in such a short time-frame.

During the test, the assigned investigator inputs all the crime-related information into the iCognative system including confidential crime-related details not released to the public. Such information discovered during the investigation and can only be known to a murderer or accomplice (for example, type of weapon used to kill the suspect and Valeria; date and time of the death; pictures from the crime scene; picture of suspect’s clothes during the murder; type and color of car used by suspect after killing Valeria, etc.). All this information (called Stimuli) would be displayed to every suspect on a digital screen while a specially designed headset will record brain reaction to each of those stimuli. The suspect’s brain which knows all this information including confidential crime-related information will give tiny positive voltage when he or she sees the specific crime-related information. Once the test is completed, the automated and system driven iCognative technology determines with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative can provide all the essential key to identify the rest of the gang members, intelligence and leads to find evidence to prosecute them and above all eliminate the organized crime. iCognative technology is the only desirable solution that can help Mexican law enforcement agencies stop hideous crime in streets, regain power and confidence and protect future lives.

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