Port of Spain Mystery Jailbreak case

July 27, 2018 | Brainwave Science

iCognative for Port of Spain Jailbreak casee


As per T & T Guardian, three years ago on July 24th, 2015, around 12.30 pm inmates Hassan Atwell, Christopher “Monster” Selby and Allan “Scanny” Martin pointed guns at prison officers on duty inside the prison. Martin got the keys to the front gate, which he opened for them to run out onto Frederick Street. PC Sherman Maynard was shot as the escapees targeted the vehicle he was sitting in. He subsequently died at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

Martin was shot dead by police on the hospital’s compound. Atwell and Selby escaped but Atwell was gunned down on July 25 at East Dry River, PoS. On July 26, Selby surrendered at the Barataria Police Station. On August 3, 2015, two suspension letters were handed out – one to an acting Supt of Prisons and a prisons officer. A third prisons officer was subsequently suspended the next day.

According to reports published in leading news agencies and radio broadcasts in Trinidad and Tobago, ‘Three years almost to the day after the Port of Spain jail break, President of the Prison Officers Association, Ceron Richards, is claiming that the officers charged for offences arising out of the issue are being targeted by the Public Service Commission.’  According to statement issued by Mr. Richards, on third anniversary of the jailbreak, there has been no investigation by the prison to date, that they are not certain about what would have transpired, who would have brought in the guns and grenades, and in spite of there being no investigation (his words), prison officers have been suspended.

According to media reports in T & T Guardian the case of prison jail break in Port Spain has been closed as per Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson. But the president of prison association Mr. Richards says many questions and suspicions remain unanswered.


Law enforcement leaders are acknowledging the challenges of policing today. They have difficulties in finding and securing evidence to verify the suspects or even the victims or witnesses. Police doesn’t have nearly enough resources to catch runagates to any meaningful extent. Most of the times, there is insufficient evidence or little time to find and gather these evidences, making the police inefficient in their goals.

In this context of different challenges, specialized law enforcement needs a technological solution that can provide real results and bring in useful intelligence.  The situation in Trinidad and Tobago and internal in-fighting between Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson and the Prisons Officers Association president Ceron Richards is a challenge to Police who are yet to submit their report with definitive conclusion. Is fair investigation of this case possible, is corruption a factor, are internal prison employees or officers a part of this unsolved prison break case?


iCognative by Brainwave Science is a  modern and innovative security solution, dedicated to a large variety of security disciplines. In today’s constantly changing environment, there is a real need for security solutions that are both accurate and efficient.

iCognative utilizes advancements made in the field of neuroscience to enable a highly accurate identification of a person by distinguishing what a suspect, witness, or victim truly knows. The involuntary brain response called P300 is the hallmark feature of the technology. The way the human brain functions fully eliminate all possible false negatives, false positives, and countermeasures.

Approximately 45 minutes test with  over 99% accuracy rate can offer intelligence officers valuable know-how and information. Based on this gained intel, law enforcement can follow leads that will stop criminals and weaken the power of threat networks.

For Port of Spain prison, the iCognative solution can be utilized to find out what really happened. Police can conduct a iCognative test on all suspects and witnesses of the prison break. Firstly, all information known to the investigators such as date and time of the escape of suspects, names of the suspects, type of gun used to shoot prison officers, how the keys were stolen and from whom etc. can be used to conduct a test on Selby, who has surrendered after escape, along with 2 prison officers suspended in this case. With the help of iCognative a new report can be submitted which can help bring real culprits within the system to the light and justice can be served.

By standardizing the use of first-of-its-kind iCognative technology in investigations, law enforcement agencies benefit from a scientific and objective means to resolve who exactly the perpetrators and accomplices are and their level of participation in any given crime. Brain Fingerprinting sets the benchmark for innovation and performance in a world that most needs to be kept safe.


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