Russian Plane Crash: How iCognative can Aid Investigations

November 24, 2015 | Brainwave Science


Russian Plane Crash: How iCognative can Aid Investigations
November 24, 2015 | Brainwave Science


Metrojet Flight 9268 crashed Saturday, October 31st, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula after breaking apart in midair. The crash killed all 224 passengers and crew members on board, while en route to St. Petersburg from the Red sea Resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, making it the worst civil-aviation disaster in Russian history.

Intelligence experts and investigative agencies from Egypt, Russia, France, Germany, and Ireland—countries that are connected in various ways to the Airbus A321-200—are still investigating why the Russian jet crashed. British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond and U.S intelligence analysis suggests with confidence that an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group had planted a bomb on the plane.

The Sinai ISIS affiliate, Al Wilayat Sinai, led by Abu Osama al-Masri, publicly claimed responsibility for downing the plane, but has yet to explain how it was done. This has prompted confusion surrounding the validity of the claim since ISIS has the tendency to publicize its acts for propaganda value.


The current crisis underscores a critical lack in counter terrorism, counter intelligence, and law enforcement capabilities. Authorities have been unable to intercept terrorist attacks before they are carried out. Airport security measures can be tightened, however, this does not address the root cause of the problem which is the inability to detain terrorist suspects and validate information using right techniques and methods.


Brainwave Science offers a revolutionary peerless alternative method to identify safely and non-invasively, whether a suspect is withholding specific information or not by conducting a iCognative test.

iCognative can accurately and reliably identify whether the terrorist network who perpetrated the death of 225 innocent passengers is indeed the ISIS-affiliate, Al Wilayat Sinai. The system can further pinpoint how the mastermind planned and executed the attack by using specific details about the Metrojet 9268 aircraft and the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport’s security protocol.

Those involved in planning and executing the attack will undeniably possess specific information–the type of bomb and detonator used to down the plane, certain aircraft and passenger details, Al Wilayat Sinai terrorist network’s insider information—all of which any suspect convicted of this magnitude of a crime, will conceal. Such valuable information can be obtained from this revolutionary technology called iCognative.

U.S authorities suggest that Israeli intelligence had clues regarding the attack before it was carried out. If the suspects were intercepted, and iCognative tests were conducted, there is almost an alarming possibility of the tragedy being avoided. As instruments and tactics employed by terrorists become increasingly sophisticated and more difficult to detect, it is the responsibility of law enforcement to equip themselves with the latest and highest level of technology. iCognative is a validated science with a proven accuracy rate of 99.9%, that is able to support security and defense teams achieve the universal goal of peace and justice.