Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, disappeared after entering consulate in Turkey

October 4, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, disappeared after entering consulate in Turkey: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

A Saudi journalist who has been outspoken about his criticisms of the country’s leadership has gone missing while on a visit to the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Journalist’s fiancée Hatice Cengiz, and his friends raised concern over his safety.

Saudi authorities announced he had left their consulate before disappearing while Turkey government and his fiancée claimed they had detained him in the consulate. The disappearance of Khashoggi may signal a new level of brazenness by Saudi security forces seeking to silence opponents and critics at home and abroad, however, such accusations haven’t been proven yet.

The journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, a contributor to The Washington Post and self-imposed exile in the United States went to the Saudi consulate along with his fiancée to obtain a document he needed to get married. According to his fiancée, Khashoggi never left the building as she was waiting outside the consulate with his cellphone for security reasons.

According to the Saudi press release, the consulate confirmed that it is carrying out follow-up procedures and coordination with the Turkish local authorities to uncover the circumstances of the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi after he left the consulate building. This release contradicts the Turkish statement where they believe the journalist was still in the consulate.

Khashoggi’s fiancée told media that Khashoggi was innocent as there was no law or lawsuit against him. Neither he was a suspect nor convicted of any crime. He was a journalist who wrote regular columns in the Washington Post criticizing Saudi Arabia’s policies toward Qatar and Canada, the war in Yemen, and a crackdown on dissent.

Khashoggi expressed his concern when he wrote for The Post in September 2017, “I have left my home, my family and my job, and I am raising my voice. To do otherwise would betray those who languish in prison. I can speak when so many cannot.”


Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s relationship is growing tense after the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi journalist who went missing after going to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkey has supported Qatar amid a yearlong boycott by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE over a political dispute. The mystery of Khashoggi has turned into a serious debate around the globe and a diplomatic incident. Reporters without Borders (RSF) called the incident “extremely worrying.” “We call on both the Saudi and Turkish authorities to shed all possible light on this matter and to do everything to ensure that this journalist reappears – free – as soon as possible,” the organization said in a statement.

As per the political friction between the countries, it is imperative to choose the logical and peaceful step toward locating Mr Khashoggi. Considering both parties’ statement true, it is vital to obtain accurate intelligence and leads of whereabouts of the missing journalist. In order to swiftly investigate, Saudi consulate under the Saudi government and the Turkish government demand immediate and guaranteed and valuable leads that help deescalate the tensions between these two countries.


It is crucial for both the Saudi and Turkish government and their respective law enforcement agencies to discover the truth and evidence before accusing other for a crime. Here, the sole possible step to reveal the truth behind the disappearance is to gain accurate intelligence and leads that only the consulate members, Khashoggi’s fiancée and other witnesses possess, saving manpower, time and a possible foreign dispute. As existing conventional investigative tools cannot disclose what knowledge the witness or suspect is withholding and provide accurate intelligence to the investigators, therefore investigators remain in a dilemma. The only alternative for both law enforcement agencies is to take advantage of an impeccably accurate, guaranteed results, easy to use and master, a non-invasive technology that respects human rights is developed by Brainwave Science, it’s called iCognative.

iCognative sets a new standard in security solutions as it can determine what the witness or suspect really know and what information they are trying to conceal. This technology can further provide valuable information to the investigators such as when and where Khashoggi was last seen by respective consulate members, location within the embassy where he reported; documents/forms submitted by him while he was inside; what he was wearing at the time he left from home to consulate; time he entered consulate; his disappearance, how he left the consulate without being seen, any suspicious activity of Khashoggi; any other motives behind disappearing and other vital information along with witness testimonies as well as testimonies from friends and family collected by both Turkish and Saudi intelligence could be utilized as a Stimuli to conduct iCognative test on as many people as possible to determine what are the missing links and connections in the whole story. All the necessary information can be made available to the investigative agency within an hour. iCognative test scientifically and accurately provides all the vital information without using inhumane methods like torture or strict interrogation. The test involves no question answers, no false positives or false negatives and minimal human intervention, making the iCognative test virtually unbeatable.

By utilizing Brainwave Science’s iCognative, both law enforcement agencies can discover 100% accurate truth behind the disappearance of Washington Post journalist Khashoggi, which or if any party is responsible. The iCognative technology provides impeccably accurate and reliable intelligence and leads to investigate at the right time and in the right direction before any damage could be done to both Mr. Khashoggi and the involved countries.  If any case looks impossible to solve, iCognative is the best way to approach that problem because with merits that are marked as disruptive, this Avant-Garde technology promises and delivers security to the nations with the power of brainwaves.

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