Larry Hopkins: Militia leader at the border plot to kill Obama, Clinton and Soros

April 23, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Larry Hopkins: Militia leader at the border plot to kill Obama, Clinton and Soros: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

Larry Hopkins, the leader of an extremist militia group known as the United Constitutional Patriots was arrested by the Federal agents last weekend over the possession of illegal weapons allegedly said his far-right group was training to kill prominent Democratic figures.

According to recently unsealed court documents, FBI received a tip in 2017 that Larry Hopkins was connected to “alleged militia extremist activity” and found nine guns in his home, including a 12-gauge shotgun, long rifles and handguns. Jack Daniel of Klamath County stated that Larry Hopkins claimed he worked for the federal government directly under George Bush. He used to impersonate a police officer and carried a badge that said, “Special Agent”.

Larry Hopkins also allegedly made the statement that the United Constitutional Patriots were training to “assassinate” former US President Barack Obama, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and liberal billionaire George Soros because of these individuals’ support of Antifa.

According to an arrest warrant for Larry Hopkins, the 69-year-old, who also goes by the alias Johnny Horton Jr., and his militia have been accused of illegally detaining asylum-seeking families at the U.S.-Mexico border in New Mexico, drawing outcry from local politicians and activists. Several videos surfaced showing militia members stopping asylum-seekers, sometimes at gunpoint. The United Constitutional Patriots said they are simply doing their part to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Reports state that in 60 days, they’ve captured about 5,600 migrants who illegally entered the country.

Peter Simonson, executive director of the ACLU of New Mexico, said, “These are the kinds of video you’re accustomed to seeing of terrorist groups out in the deserts of Afghanistan.” He further claimed militia members, who often carry badges and dress in camouflage, are breaking laws against kidnapping and impersonating federal agents. But only one has actually been arrested, Larry Hopkins.

The US Attorney’s Office declined to say why Larry Hopkins was charged more than a year after his residence was searched.


Larry Hopkins turns out to be not just a militia leader, but a career criminal with a long list of offenses, conspiracy theorist and a serious national threat to the United States. According to Federal law, impersonating as a law enforcement officer and operating a militia to detain asylum seekers and plotting an assassination of the former President of United States and other diplomatic figures is a serious violation. Existence of the extremist militia group known as the United Constitutional Patriots that have allegedly taken to patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border and impersonating as law enforcement officers is being questioned. According to The United Constitutional Patriots, their objectives is to “upload the Constitution of the United States of America” and to protect citizens’ rights “against all enemies both foreign and domestic”- which mimics the oath taken by US law enforcement agents. For the past several years, reports have indicated that domestic terrorists — specifically acts of mass violence by white men — are a far greater threat than actions perpetrated by Islamic extremists. According to the Washington Post, the trend continues: Internal FBI figures reviewed by the paper show more domestic terror suspects were arrested in 2018 than “those allegedly inspired by international terror groups.” Regards to surface videos last week which led to arrest of Larry Hopkins, Customs and Border Protection has said it “does not endorse private groups or organizations taking enforcement matters into their own hands.”

New Mexico Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, said militia’s actions are “absolutely unacceptable”.

Larry Hopkins’ case turned into national affairs when he stated his far-right group was training to kill prominent Democratic figures like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It is extremely unacceptable for United States government and national security agencies when a radical group can impersonate as federal agents to harass asylum seekers for virtually a year and plot a revenge assassination against Democratic figures, a serious problem for United States Secret Service protecting the former presidents. This case has become the most complex and a scandalous one of all time. Here, law enforcement agencies aren’t just protecting the former president or presidential nominee but also need to protect asylum seekers from violence and identify the private groups or organization taking enforcement matters into their own hands. The US government and national security agencies need to choose the logical and dynamic steps moving forward with this investigation. Only Larry Hopkins can lead to elimination of United Constitutional Patriots and reveal precious crimes committed by the group. The government needs to identify righteous investigative tools that could identify the radicals from innocents within a record-breaking time and reveal what crime-related information related to assassination of Barack Obama and others Larry Hopkins possess.


In today’s volatile world, countries are continuously struggling with challenges like illegal migrants, espionage and terrorism at large scale. Countries need to be prepared to defend their interests and protect their people from every possible domestic and foreign threat. The rise in domestic terrorism — as profiled in a captivating New York Times Magazine report from 2018 — is largely driven by an uptick in far-right extremism. Of the 263 acts of domestic terrorism that occurred between 2010 and the end of 2017, 92, around a third, were committed by Americans on the far right. Larry Hopkins has become an imminent threat to the United States, it’s very important for national security agencies to investigative this case thoroughly and reveal what specific crime-related information Larry Hopkins’ brain possess. Till now, law enforcement agencies have relied on the existing conventional investigation and intelligence gathering tool that cannot provide necessary intelligence or identify the radicals from innocents. Elimination of the militia is only possible through Larry Hopkins’ confession which isn’t that easy, unless information gained from Hopkins can be used to reverse-engineer and identify all the radicals in the group.

In desperate times, desperate measures are mandatory. Time has come for something that is non-traditional and unprecedented to arrive on the scene and address such complex cases before it’s too late. Designed to amplify and complement human intelligence, a technology by US based company Brainwave Science is ready to address the challenge faced by national security and law enforcement agencies in its stride has finally been launched and it’s called iCognative. This technology is the only reliable method that provides means for national security and law enforcement agencies to protect a nation from domestic and foreign threats. It remains a question, why Larry Hopkins wasn’t arrested in 2017? The reason could be due to lack of substantial evidence. iCognative technology holds the key to tapping a suspect’s mind and “reading” the invisible clues that link him or her to national security threats. All law enforcement agencies need to have “Brainwave Science’s iCognative” in their arsenal.

Based on the scientifically accepted neuroscience that existed for nearly 3 decades, iCognative determines whether specific crime-related information is present in the suspect’s brain or not. It becomes possible when iCognative is deployed by law enforcement agencies as prime investigative weaponry in any crime-related cases, every known or unknown perpetrator can be distinguished from innocent within 45-minutes to an hour of testing. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once iCognative test is conducted by US federal agencies on Larry Hopkins. iCognative test can assist US national security and law enforcement personnel to thoroughly and accurately investigate Larry Hopkins’ case and on the other hand, identify the remaining radicals in the United Constitutional Patriots. The collected information from such an investigation (of Larry Hopkins and other suspects) may very well help reverse engineer and eliminate the militia. Information such as: truth behind United Constitutional Patriots objectives, identification of members of militia, detail plan of assassination of Barack Obama and other prominent Democratic figures, details of previous crime, details records of previous kidnapped and harass asylum seekers, etc., would be easily possible to the FBI to investigate this case and use the gained information to eliminate the militia and imminent national security threat. iCognative by Brainwave Science is a fool-proof and advanced scientific method to collect crime-related information Larry Hopkins possesses. This revolutionary forensic toll has been proven in scientific community and is already popular in security market. iCognative charts out a new means for law enforcement agencies to enhance their intelligence gathering process and prevent crime. Best way to protect a nation’s interest from both domestic and foreign threat is through adoption of iCognative as primal weapon in fighting crimes.


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