November 3, 2015: iCognative technology at police innovation conference 2015 Brainwave Science, LLC is a fast-growing innovative technology company started by serial entrepreneurs

August 1, 2017 | Brainwave Science

iCognative technology AT POLICE INNOVATION CONFERENCE 2015

Brainwave Science is a fast growing innovative technology company started by serial entrepreneurs. A member of Brainwave Science’s scientific team made a presentation at Police Innovation Conference 2015 – Innovation, Technology, and The Future of Policing on Oct 5th, 2015 at Microsoft, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

The expert discussed regarding iCognative, its merits, and applications in areas of investigation, counter-terrorism and humane way of interrogation through the use of advanced technologies. iCognative is an innovative science that many law enforcement and intelligence agencies are seeking to add to their arsenal of investigative tools. Once a suspect is in custody, iCognative can accurately establish whether or not the suspect has knowledge of the crime. This saves time and money on investigations while keeping dangerous criminals off of the streets. The advantages to iCognative are that it offers higher accuracy than other techniques is non-invasive and has been ruled admissible in the US court.

The Police Innovation Conference is designed to bring together progressive law enforcement agencies from across the country with some of the great minds in technology and policing. Conference-goers will attend sessions where members of academia, the private sector, and fellow law enforcement agencies will share their expertise and ideas. In addition to Brainwave Science, LLC, some of the presenting companies, universities, and organizations included Harvard’s Berkman Center, Green Bay Police Department, Microsoft, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Lincoln Laboratories, iRobot, CyPhy Works, Texas A&M, Polaris eBikes, Cambridge Police Department, Bounce Imaging, Fairfax County Police and the Sunlight Foundation.

“Brainwave Science  is thankful to Police Innovation Conference that provides the platform for workshops, moderated panels, discussion groups, and keynote addresses so that police and technology companies can explore ways they can work with the latest developments in technology to improve their communities and advance their crime-fighting abilities.” Said Krishna Ika, founder, and CEO of Brainwave Science.